LPUYEARSINREVIEW - My favorite year & why....

My only year to be in LPU was LPUX - 10th year. First time to attend concert & I got a M&G.  It was special to me because it was my husbands & my 20 year anniversary present to each other.  When they first toured in 2010, I said that if they came to Texas that we HAD to go because Linkin Park is our favorite band.  Next thing I know we found out they were going to be in Houston & I purchased tickets on the pre-sale by being an LPU member.  I then signed up for the M&G, then waited.  All I could do was hope that I would be selected.  Then the email came & I was so excited.  We put together a letter, explaining how we were celebrating our anniversary with them. We made the trip to Houston in February & that show was cancelled.  We were one of the lucky ones that the show was rescheduled & we made it back in March.  Found out that my M&G selection was still valid & I couldn't be anymore happy.  I then gave each one of them a copy of the letter, wishing I could have done more for them.  I really, really wanted to get them a cookie cake with the LP logo....but that couldn't be done for several reasons.  They were all very nice, as expected.  When the group picture was taken I was right behind Chester, my favorite singer in the world. Then the concert was the BEST I've ever been to.  Fist were pumping & we were jumping the ENTIRE concert.  I didn't want it to end.  Then when the download came for the concert I was super stoked.  Listen to it & get to relive one of the greatest days of our lives.  Got lots of great pictures & videos for memories that will last a lifetime.  Got an enlarged photo signed by all of them & plan on putting several things in a shadow box...still trying to figure out how to lay everything out.  I also following everyone on twitter, Facebook & make the chats a priority.  I was not expecting anything extra for the membership & when we were informed that we'd be getting stuff, that was just a bonus for me.  No complaints here, what so ever.  I try to keep my profile updated and have meat several people throughout the world because of Linkin Park.  Music is a huge part of my life & it would be a much sadder place without them in my life.  We are blessed to have such talent in this world, people that seem to care about so many other things than themselves.  The iHeart Radio station is one of my favorites...out of two.  I simply love Linkin Park.

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