Dear People,

Hey. I'm Kristen. I'm only fifteen, but seriously, I'm way more immaturely mature than that. I love drums. My friends are the coolsies. I'm rudely blunt and a mega-choch if you take things to heart. I'm a writer, a drummer, an original Freakshow, the Captain of the Disco, a drummer, a jerk, a foul-mouthed loser, a pervert, and lastly, a drummer. I play snare on my HS drumline, I practice when I'm bored, I color pictures because I think I'm five, and if you approve of werewolves falling in love with babies, I don't approve of you.
For more cautionary detail, ask Leandra Bliss.
I'm a major nerd, and I've got four eyes. My best friend is Squirtle, because we both look like turtles. If you're ever bored, ask for some band camp stories, I've got a million. Sometimes I forget what I'm doing, and sometimes I whack people who interrupt my practice time. I hate people who think conformity over opinion is important. I am the most honest person in the universe, and I use sarcasm quite often.
Also, the following will be referred to as the following.

Leandra Bliss - Phoenix
Kaylee Moore - Kadaj
Myself - Skullz

And, no, we didn't cheat and try to pose LP. Leandra has been Phoenix for longer than I can remember (which actually says nothing, but I'll keep going); longer, in fact, that we've cared that Linkin Park actually consisted of humans and not robots. Seriously, though, we never cared until about, meh, two or three years ago. So, Leandra has been our Phoenix for longer than Dave's been our Phoenix.

I've always said that, one day, I'll kidnap Dave Phoenix and give him to Leandra Phoenix so they can make Baby Phoeni (phoenixes, phoenixs, phoeni, whatever the hell the plural of that is) and be a Phoenix Phamily.

Also, me, yeah, major Rob Bourdon fan girl. No lie, I will kidnap that man, cage him in my basement, use him to my disposal, and feed him cheesecake through a tube at three hour intervals. Ask Leandra; she's suffered many a fantasy story of kidnap and abuse.

I'm this cool, this hard. |---------------------------|
"This hard" has nothing to do with penis, but rather how -adjective- something is. In example, Linkin Park is this awesome, this hard |------------------------------------------------------------------|
You'll accept it, because if my teachers can, you can too. You might even want to use it, too. Just use your index finger and thumb to make a measurement, and say, "this hard."

I believe I've made my appearance, and I believe I'll leave it at this for a while. You can add meh, and we'll be pals, and talk of things incessantly. That is all.

Love, Kristen Throw-Down Robinson.

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Comment by Leandra Bliss on February 11, 2010 at 1:27pm
By the way, I've come to the conclusion that Phoeni is the plural. It seems like the one that would fit the most.
And truthfully, we never really connected the whole I-Now-Dub-Thee-Phoenix thing until, like, practically a month later. All I really thought of at that point was, "Hey. I'mma pyro. And a Phoenix is the mythical bird of flame. Let's go with that." Heh, heh. Freakshow Disco forever, man.
Feel free to contact me about the Freak-In-Cheif, if you have any questions, comments, worries, which by the way, you should. In fact, be afraid. Be very, VERY afraid. :D


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