M&G Linkin Park, 1st November 2010, Zurich

As you read in my last blog, i had the chance to meet Linkin Park =D! Firstly Hugo and some other guys talked with us, told us some rules and so on. The band which playied before Linkin Park, passed the room (Futurehead)... but okay, i wasn't interessted xD... Someone took a photo from 2 friends, me and Hugo.. (damn.. who made this photo?!)

Then... Hugo said: Let's go! We get into another floor, then we had to wait bevore a room... the first one (i was the second xD...) could go into the room, someone (don't know anymore who, i just watched in the room :P...) stopped me.. but i could see Phoenix :D:D:DD!!!!


And then... i also could go into the room... i walked to Phoenix...gave him my Linkin Park flag for sign it...

me: hi!

he: hey +signed my flag+

me: thanks!! :D



he: hey, how r you doin?

me: fihiiihiiine o.o

he: are you from turkey?

me: whoat?! (i understood him, but i didn't get the point xD..)

he: the other one is from turkey.. you too?

me: no, i'm from switzerland o.ô

+signed my flag+

he: here



he: hello :D!

me: hi :D!

+signed my flag+

me: thanks!! :D:D

(i didn't know that he can look SOOOOO nice O.o.. completly diffrent than on stage!)



me: Hi

he: hey

me: here... +gave him the switzerlandflag+ for on the.. for on the.. you know!!

he +laugh+: thank you :D:D:D!



me: hi

he: hey :D:D +signed my flag+

me: thank you!! :D

he: thank YOU! :D:D:D:D


and Brad.. he signed my flag while i "spoke" with Rob -.-... so i just said "thanks" to him^^...


then i had to go beside... so i had time to make photos (shit camera!!) after all people standed beside too, the LPs came to us.. and Mike right between me and a friend :D!! damn i was happy... someone made a lot of photos...


but then, the LPs had to go... i noticed, that Mike wanted to go too... so i took my chance!


And asked: can i hug you ?

he: o.ô amm.. okay!



i was soooooooooooo happy!! i hope, it wasn't my last M&G!!


Cheers :D!!


PS: i think, Hugo should have his own Fanclub xDDD!!!

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Comment by simply clear on November 17, 2010 at 1:56pm
Luky you !^^ I wanted to ask you a question. How does the M&G selection occur ? Is it random selection or we should send a letter to get selected ?
Sorry if I'm bothering you with the question, but I'll be attending my first show ever, and I don't know if it will be the last one. So I want to make all that is possible to be in the M&G.
Thank you in advance^^
Comment by Josi on November 14, 2010 at 7:38am
hheeyyy nadine.....geili story!!!! hahahahahahahhahahahaa


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