Maybe getting mad at Ticketmaster wasn't the best way to go

I know the Linkin Park show I am attending is in February but I noticed the past week my ticket didn't show up in the mail and I got a little er. Because I paid 86.30 for my ticket and it haven't showed up in the mail. So yesterday I went a little nuts and yelled at the customer service. Because they had no solution on solving the problem than suggesting if the ticket didn't show up in a week to use will call. My dad even chimed in saying I should of paid the 2.50, and printed it off my computer then I wouldn't going through temper tantrum stage. But now all is well because today my ticket showed up in the mail, and I can breath a little easily now. Can't wait to be on the floor February first to see LP, I should taken an extra day of work off to recuperate from all the screaming I'm going be doing that night,

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