I was browsing around the site the other day, and came across the blog post on RSVP'ing for the meet and greets. There was a lot of general discussion for awhile on the subject of "OMGWHENDOIGETMYEMAILAHHHH," until finally, somebody (I think named Jesse?) noted that he got his notification two days before his show. Ugh.


HOWEVER. LP's show in Tampa, Florida is today, meaning that on the 20th, people going to that show would have gotten notifications about going to meet and greets. None of them commented on the blog post, though, so I'm still kind of left hanging. Was the 2-days-before just random, or has that applied to everybody so far? (Also, people going to Atlanta on Saturday would have notifications for theirs, too, and I haven't seen anything from them.)


I guess my question is, if you're going to Tampa or Atlanta, have you gotten your notification about your m&g yet? Because until I know for sure how far in advance I'm getting my email, I'll be checking MY email every five minutes to know if I get to go to the one at Dallas, and I'm making myself insane with how often I'm checking my email.



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Comment by Diane Hermes on January 22, 2011 at 6:31pm

That upsets me /:


Thanks, though XD

Comment by Liz Donnelly on January 22, 2011 at 1:11pm
Ive talked with a lot of people that have gotten their M&G email, and everyone said they got theirs 2 days before the concert.


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