Meeting Chester for the very first time <3

My aunt had me listen to the Hybrid Theory album when I was just in the third grade, and as young as I was, since then Linkin Park has been my all time favorite. I've kept up with all their new song releases, albums, and their performances but I have never been able to actually see them live until September of 2012 when they were touring with Incubus and Mutemath for Honda Civic. I literally pushed and shoved through the crowd to get as close as possible and I was so lucky to be a few feet away from stage. I had the chance to see them again a few months later when they headlined for Almost Acoustic Christmas. My boyfriend & I had front row seats and he caught Rob Bourdon's drumstick for me when they ended the show! I was thinking, it cannot get any better than this, knowing my chances of actually meeting them are one in a million. Almost a year later, I'm waiting in line for the Conjuring midnight premiere and from a distance I see a familiar looking face... Chester. I couldn't believe my eyes. For years I have been joking about running into them some time in my life somewhere in the world, and here I am, over ten years later, at my hometown taking a picture with the Chester Bennington. I sure wish I would have me et Mike, Joe, Phoenix, Brad, and Rob but after that night, I have hope haha! Definitely the best night of my life <3

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Comment by Matthew Color on August 30, 2013 at 10:25am

Thank you for sharing this, This is amazing & Awesome , wish you meet them more.

Nice Picture & congratulations , I know how feels to meet your favorite band, we all have that amazed, we're soldiers & Lovers :) 

Myself Just meet them in concert but not this much clos!!!! lol!!! :) 

Have great times 

Comment by THE_LPdood (Mod) on August 26, 2013 at 1:00pm

Awesome story, thanks for sharing!

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