As the one was on Pagama island he was dazed how exotic and beautiful it was he gasped with amazement and said:
'I've never seen anything as beautiful as this.'
The tree's were blooming with cherry blossoms flowers were blooming with beauty even the rarest flowers bloom some flowers bloom at night and glow with brightness and beauty.
He's eyes shined like stars but he could not just stand around and admire the beauty of the island however, he had to move on, people's lives were at risk he has to find ambiixchan quick and pronto.
So he walks through the forest of the hopeless. As he was walking through he had a feeling that something was watching he tilt his head slightly to see what's behind him.........nothing he had a voice in the back of his head it said (Nothing there, your just getting paranoid, now move) so he tilt his head back and walked on *Small bark* the one stopped and tilt his head slightly behind him was a puppy he said to the puppy 'awwww........aren't you lil cute fella' he bends down to stroke the puppy but then the puppy bites his teste's the one collaspes on the floor bursting with pain puppy was probably laughing at one (you can't tell if dogs are laughing, I can't) and then the puppy done a runner
' lil s*** get your ass back here now.'
So the one ran after the pup.(puppy only wanted to play)The puppy stopped as the one charged towards it like a pissed off rhino then stop and realized a tall mountain was standing right in front of him then realized again that the pup was only leading him to mount. ragga roar.
'Omg............I can't believe i have too climb up this mountain.'
'Dude, who said you have to climb up the mountain'
the one gasped with fear
' can talk........'
'Well my mouth is moving and words are coming out so what do you think'
'I must be dreaming.......yeah all off this is a dream'
'It's not a dream you knob head' ''s just a dream.....just a dream once you wake up you'll be in your comfortable bed'
'So you know when i didn't have to climb up mount. ragga roar'
'Then how do I get up there'
'There's a lift'
'A lift..........????'
'Yes it's a platform that can float in mid-air'
'Awesome..........where is it'
'Were on it'
the one looks down and see's a glowy green platform.
So the puppy and the one are having a conversation with each other until they reach to the top off the mountain and see a house in front off them.
'I just remembered something..........'
'The fortune teller told me that this is a dangerous island.......but nothing bad happened to me........only one thing though and that was you who bit me in the privates'
'Sorry...........had to get your attention somehow.........dangerous ass'
So the puppy and the one went inside the house and saw a girl stroking a pussy cat.
'Is this the girl your looking for'
' is'
'Zho'z za zou'
'Zant zou zintroduce zourself?'
'zpeak zoo zme'
'STOP FOOLING AROUND............YOUR NOT ZAPIEN(Zapiens are the most powerful and unique beings who speak with a z at the beginning their not real)
'ok............ok..........keep your blibbing hair on.....gosh i was just trying to make him welcome'
' failed'


XDThank you come againXD

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Comment by ambiixchan on February 17, 2010 at 6:06am
should i give the one a nameXD

or do you wanna be the one because in the next story he tells his real name
Comment by ambiixchan on February 17, 2010 at 5:46am
Comment by ambiixchan on February 17, 2010 at 5:37am
i sort off rushed it that's why a few words are missing
Comment by Nemanja Rajic on February 17, 2010 at 5:35am
you astound me evry day more =)
Comment by ambiixchan on February 17, 2010 at 5:31am
Comment by Nemanja Rajic on February 17, 2010 at 5:24am
your stories are always longer and longer but they're funnier and funnier too!! =D

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