It was the begging of the end for me. My second and final show in the Linkin Park A Thousand Suns World Tour. I knew this would be an amazing, intense show... But I had no idea it was going to be as good as it was...

The crowd seemed excited. Just like Brisbane we were all talking about our previous Linkin Park experiences and what we wanted to hear tonight. There were some mixed opinions about favourite albums and songs, but we were interested in why we each favoured them. We were singing even before the support act took the stage. Old McDonald, the theme from Family Guy and even a song by Queen. Everyone was in a great mood.

Dead Letter Circus were the support act for the night, and they were better than I had been lead to believe. Some fans who knew of the band prior to the night were calling out for their favourite songs and I took the chance to call out for No More Sorrow. After a few laughs someone else called out for a song by Britney Spears. This lead to jokes about who we thought was playing tonight - someone said it was Britney Spears, another Justin Bieber.

As Dead Letter Circus finished their set, we got back to talking about Linkin Park. Before long, the lights had dimmed and just like in Brisbane, The Requiem echoed through the arena momentarily silencing the crowd. Wretches and Kings had jumping and screaming and I could tell this was going to be a full on night. And it wasn't long until I realized the enegy from the crowd... The band started Lying From You and as soon as Brads guitar riff started the crowd started jumping again. I was litterally lifted up and lowered down by the jumping fans surrounding me. That was a fun experience.

I assumed the setlist would be the "alternate set" - same set as Brisbane but with Papercut and The Messenger dropped for Lying From You and Leave Out All The Rest... I was so wrong. What I've Done came as a surprise after Given Up and yet again I was lifted with the jumping crowd. I couldn't wear my hat. The jumping and moshing was too intense throughout the entire show. I held it tight in my hand crushing it many times. After a surprise performance of From The Inside, we headed into a crowd favourite Waiting For The End... And then we in for a treat... The live debut of Blackout. Mike looked like he was having as much fun as we were. It was great to see how the song came together live - no electic guitar or bass guitar. Dave played a MIDI control pad set up at the front of the stage and Brad had a drum kit on his side that he played towards the end of the song. Chester had his electric drums from Wretches and Kings and his regular drum kit from When They Come For Me that he alternated between from the bridge and closing of the song. Great to see them using different instruments than just their "norm".

After the excitment of Blackout we calmed for a few seconds until Joe played the familiar intro to Numb. The Radience quickly followed and while I waited for the also familar intro to Breaking The Habit, we were in for another surprise... The live debut of Burning In The Skies... I heard Blackout and Burning In The Skies at the soundcheck in Brisbane and had high hopes for them to debut in the set the same night. But on my second show for the tour was just as good.

Shadow Of The Day once again got to me, but for a different reason... The crowd singing along with Chester during the final chorus was eerily similar to Iridescent. It gave the song an uplifting tone. So the sadness was gone and the feeling of energy and strength came through. Another familar intro came with In The End follwed by Bleed It Out. Brad was playing the riff infront of where I was standing and we had already started singing the first verse. Brad smiled and played his guitar along to us, changing the riff as the lyrics dictated. After we had finished the verse Mike started and we went right back. A Place For My Head over the bridge once again drained me, and the addition of a short drum solo and singalong was reminiscent of the 2007 show. That was the end of the first set. We all needed a break.

It wasn't long until Brad was pacing the stage with his megaphone for Empty Spaces and When They Come For Me. Mike owns the stage on this song. Even the fans who said they aren't big A Thousand Suns fans were dragged into this song. It will definatley be a recurring song on future tours. More familiarties with Crawling, New Divide and Faint follwed before the true closing song for a Linkin Park set arose... The One Step Closer riff echoed through the Rod Laver Arena. Yet again I was lifted up as the crowd jumped and screamed. The songs extended outro ended and half of the crowd were ready to collapse. When I got out I didn't care that the water was $4.50 a bottle... I needed it - it felt like my mouth was sweating...

I thought the night was over. However my car drew more attention that I had expected. I have decals of the Hybrid Soldier, the small logos on the back of the Hybrid Theory album and the bands signatures on my car. As I was driving out of the car park and down the road past the surrounding arenas, fans from the concert were calling out at me showing their love for the car. This is a link to the pictures of the car I took after getting it:

If I had to give awards between Brisbane and Melbourne for the best crowd, Melbourne wins. Best setlist, Melbourne wins. Best experience, Melbourne wins. As much an awesome experience Brisbane was, Melbourne had that extra edge. The crowd were exciting, the band was awesome, my hat and Italian sunglasses survived, my shirts and jeans were drenched with sweat... I was told it was stupid for me to go to both shows. If only they knew what an experience this concert was.

The A Thousand Suns World Tour is over for me now. For some it is yet to begin. For others, it is to be continued. I hope everyone who goes to a concert on this tour as much fun as I did.

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