Now I'm into my thousandth time listening to this album. I have listened to the full experience and the album by itself and watched the video documentary they included. (Thank you Linkin Park, I love that kinda stuff with my music!).
I can now honestly say I love this album. It is an album that is rare where you can choose to listen to any song and you will enjoy it. That is very rare for albums usually there may be one to two songs that you want to skip over. But with this one I want to listen to them all and hear all the different parts I may have missed the last time I listened to it.

There were some comments on itunes about the album which were negative like oh I dont like this band they changed their sound, I like the old stuff and blah blah blah and wahh!
Well if you know the band at all you know they never do the same thing twice. They may have a similar sound on a song or two but its totally different in its own way and more refined. So if you are expecting the same old thing then your not knowing Linkin Park! I did not know what to expect from this album, the only thing I saw was a glimpse of the video that was nominated on the MTV Video Music Awards. When I heard it on that glimpse I was like wow! That's totally different... I want to hear it all!! I totally ignored the reviews on Itunes and bought the album.
I am totally thrilled. It is a great album, Every song has such a dynamic to it and is brilliant in its own way. I especially like that they used the machine speech in a song. My other favorite band Fear Factory used it in a song as well and it fits so nicely. I like that they used the Martin Luther King speech as well. That was an interesting dynamic.

All in All I love the album and thing its a great hit!! It may not hit on Mainstream channels but so what. The true Linkin Park Fans should all enjoy this and be proud to hear such musical Brilliance. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! Well worth the price of Admission!!!

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