Miracles can happen
Miracles come true

When things seem the worse
You just need to stay true

I was looking through my stuff
Long lost letters I couldn’t get enough

Our old pictures
We used to have so much fun

Old memories come to my mind
I cant seem to leave it all behind

I need to confront this
I have to get it done

I posted my feelings just to let it out
When she saw this, I didn’t have a doubt

We missed the same things
I couldn’t believe

The next day
I had to leave my way

I got her number
And let it like a thunder

We talked it out
And figured it out

Friends again, its true
Now im not so blue

Will things be the same?
That I can not say

But its worth a try
Even if it is a lie

We’ll give it our best shot
We’ll give it all we got

Until now ill just wait
To see what has come to my fate.

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Comment by Stephanie Gaskarth on May 30, 2010 at 7:33pm


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