Hello everyone, Enigma here again with big news: I finally got to see Linkin Park! Yesterday (August 12) I went to Mohegan Sun for my first concert conveniently featuring my favorite band. In a nutshell, it was amazing. When they appeared on the stage, I had to take a moment to grasp that I was really in their presence :) But they were very charismatic, Mike said we weren't allowed to sit down (haha) and Chester was as full of energy in this performance as I'd seen him in recorded shows. They played Victimized, In My Remains, Burn It Down, and Lost in the Echo from the new album (and they incorporated elements of Until It Breaks into Waiting for the End, which was interesting), and they used part of QWERTY/Behind Your Lies in Bleed it Out. Also, they played a mashup of LOATR, Shadow of the Day, and Iridescent which I loved AND have on video. Their performance of When They Come For Me was bad@$$ and they used pyrotechnics, which I believe is a first for them unless I'm mistaken. If I forgot anything else worth mentioning, put it in the comments section (if you were there too of course) and also comment if you want me to post any videos (I only got two or three because I focused more on having a good time than recording videos, and the quality will surely make people ask "did u record this wit a potato?"). Overall, the show was incredible. And to Linkin Park, if you're reading: Thank you very much for putting up an excellent show.

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