wild imagination. I said well that's nice but she won't be back. I called my mother and told her a little and that I was going to the Warwick Police Department to report it. She said, you can't report this, you don't have any proof and what if Ann Marie sues you? Isaid I don't care I'm reporting it. So I took the girls to the Warwick Police Department and fileda report. Me, Anna and Emily all sat in a room with like three "detectives" and emily repeated the story. From there the police department sent us to Hasbro Children's hospital. They had us get on a mini bus to go to Hasbro Childsafe..There I was met by a man named John Barletta, supposedly from Department of Children Youth and Families.. Emily was taken into a room with John Barletta and someone who worked there for an "interrogation." I was not permitted to be in the room with her. They were in there for a while, they came out, and John agreed that was a very bizarre story. We left and went home. I called Stop and Shop, I can't even remember what Stop and Shop I was working at the time. But I did call Stop and Shop and said that I was going to be out of work for a while, that I had some personalissues to deal with. I did file for and get TDI.From 8.24.06 until 8.31.06 Emily continued to share some very strange stories. One was that this girl that worked at the daycare, I can't remember her name,but she had a daughter that also went to the school, her daughters name was Felicity, her name might have been Jen. Anyhoo, Emily told me that Jen had been telling her that she shouldn't love me, that I was a bad mommy, something like that. Ann Marie Alviti's boyfriend worked for General Mills,a vendor for Stop and Shop. On August 31st,2006, I called Ann Marie and asked her the last names of the six children. She hung up on me immediately.In less than half an hour John Barletta shows upon my doorstep, telling me I had to go for a mental health evaluation because evidently Ann Marie Alviti had called him and said I'd threatened to kill her which is a COMLETE AND UTTER BALD FACED LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refused, I said I wasn't going anywhere. He said fine, I'll call the cops, I said go ahead, so will I. So we're both standing on my front porch, simultaneously calling 911. The Cranston cops show up. I tell my side of the story, he tells his. I call my divorce lawyer, Sandra Smith of 164 Airport Rd, Warwick, RI (I think that's the right address. I asked her to come to my house. She said she was busy,she couldn't. I asked her if John Barletta could really do this based on a lie, she said yes, DCYF is very powerful.

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