I was at Puerta de Alcalá for the MTV EMAs on november. I can say that it was the best ever LP live I've been to. Not only because the setting was incredible, but because LP was awesome.

I was soooo near the stage, like 5mts away from them. The best part was the very beggining, when they were presented with the MTV EMA for the Best on stage performance. I must say I expected nothing less. And what came afterwards didn't disappoint. The repertoire included all-time favorites like In the End, Numb, Place for my Head... that made us jump and sing our lungs out. I had no voice for almost 2 days!!!

I think it is remarkable the fact that there are slight variations to the songs, so that they're not completely the same as in the albums when onstage. Mr. Hanh was impressive, as always, bringing these small changes to life. It is precisely the fact that you can never be 100% sure of what you'll hear that makes LP lives sooo good and unique, not 2 are the same. The ending mix of all-time favs reveals that ability of Lp's to keep us always interested and having fun like crazy. I loved it.

The songs from ATS are far better live than otherwise. It was amazing to see the drumming for "When they come for me", and to see the guys jumping (and all of us too) and enjoying as much as we did. I was mesmerized by Waiting for the end (my favorite among the ATS songs), and I didn't quite want to leave after almost one and a half hour of non-stop singing and jumping.

In fact, because I didn't leave when I had to, I was stuck out of my house all night!! I had left all my valuables (including house keys, and I live alone) at the train station's lockers, but those closed at 10:20 pm. The concert was over around 10:10pm. I ran as if the devil himself was chasing me, but I didn't make it. So I was marooned to roam Madrid all night!! But I'd do it again if I had to, I'd never leave eary from an LP Live!!!

I must say LP earned the MTV EMA awarded to them, and they put their best performance for us that day at Puerta de Alcalá. It was kinda funny feeling, hearing them playing at a place that's got more than 5 centuries of history, were many of the important events of the Spanish history happened. But LP didn't seem out of place, they fit there. It was perfect.

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