Almoust all my friends listen to Eminem. Me too,sometimes. But,he raps about his life. What has been happened to him. Not about situations that might happened to you. The reason why I am writing this post is...? SOME FEELINGS. Maybe you think it's stupid,but.. Never mind.

Okay,just one question to all of you who are reading this:
''Why do you like Linkin Park?''

You will probably answer ''Because they're good,they rock,they are the best..''something like that, I think.

My answer is going like this:
''I just do. Maybe because I am not too much happy,see:every song has each feeling.. PREASURE-Numb,FORGIVENESS-New Divide,INSIDE FEELINGS YOU KEEP ALL THE TIME-From The Inside,YOUR LIFE IS FUCKED UP-Crawling,NOBODY IS TAKING YOU SERIOUSLY-Faint.. I feel like that from time to time and I need something to keep me strong. My moto is: ''What doesn't kill you,it makes you STRONGER!'' .

I hope you will think about this post. That's what I think. What about you? What you think? You can replie me. Thanks anyway. =)

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