ok! so i have never been able to go to a concert b4, because of my parents, they are very overbearing... :\ so my friend got me and two other ppl tickets to a linkin park concert and it was the best night of my life! i had to persuade my dad for hours until he finally let me go! i was amazed at the huge speakers, the stage, the lights, EVERYTHING! and the music.. the music made my heart race, and caused me to jump up and down with my fist in the air nearly the entire time! i have always loved linkin park anyway but this was beyond my wildest dreams, to be able to see them live, with the music blaring in my ears and to feel the sound course through my very body was exilerating. I was impressed by the singing, drumming, guitar playing, everything! with every pulse of the music i felt more and more energy pulse through me, alowing me to keep up with everything going on arround me :3 and the fact that so many people showed and were in the stadium put a smile on my face, i love it when my fave bands are enjoyed by many people. i could go on and on, but i think i have made my point, that i love linkin park, and their music should be heard by everyone!!

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