My first day with my new laptop:) /I just wanna write/

Hey, guys! It's just 22:27 in here, Hungary and I'm boring... I'm hungarian and I learning english, so sorry for my wrong writing.:) Today I get my new /and the first/ laptop and It's awesome, I luv it. I don't lie if I say that I was using it all day, with some hour interrupt, but how could I no? I love it! Finally I can watch the LPTV Episodes in HD and play with my video games, which I got for X-mas a long ago, but my old computer couldn't run them, so they were just collected dust on the shelf:/ and now /two years later xD/, I can finally play with them! :D Yes, today I wasn't go out of the house to get some fresh air or somethin' like that, no, I was playing NFS, Runaway, COD and Grand Theft Auto almost all day, but now I know my machine very well and know its every functions. Now I think, I go to read some fanfictions and watching Disney Channel 'cause of the good dreams :DD Good-good night, LPsoldiers! xxTimea


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