My game review for dynasty warriors 6 empires...I was bored so I reviewed the game for amazon.

Graphics: The graphics overall are good and smooth but have slight problems such as enemies popping on to the screen and I have noticed your weapons can disappear through the floors, tree's and walls but other than that you can have a lot of enemies on screen at once which is very fun. The graphics on the characters are overall easy on the eyes and nice to look at. The sceneries of the game are dark dull and very boring with little to no change of how the battle fields look. The graphics on the environments are also ugly but you will hardly notice it as you cut your way through hundreds of poorly designed AI soldiers that seem to stand there and let you cut them to ribbons only throwing in the occasional sword slap then standing there like retards again waiting to get screwed by a massive spear. Graphics overall are better obviously as it is on ps3 but nothing special.

Sounds, voices, Music etc:
The music of the game is pretty much the same as it ha always been. Very little variety in the music with nothing new...same old Chinese rock which is not bad if you like and if you don't mind playing battle after battle with the same genre of music (yawn). On the up side if you do like the music the game allows you to select your music before each battle and even on the main screen of empire mode. The voice acting seems to have gotten more cheesier and repetitive as the series has gone on, or it could be just me. I do admit that killing four officers in a row and then hearing them wine and moan about how they will have revenge (with cheesy voice acting) is rather amusing but hearing your character say 'I have defeated another officer' four times is just annoying. As expected of the dynasty warriors series the sounds of swords clashing and and enemies dying is repetitive and makes you wonder if all Chinese people make the same sounds when they hit there head on a book shelf by accident.....'ugh' 'ugh' and with the occasional 'eughh'. Despite the repetitive sound effects, music along with the cheesy voices and depending on how fussy you are then it really wont matter how the game sounds if you just like mindless killing. I for one don't mind the music and the cheesy voices and at times I find it humorous.

Game modes:
Empires mode is a little harder this time around presenting more of a challenge on the harder difficulties especially at the beginning. A huge disappointment to me is that there is no free mode or even a challenge mode and after completing empires mode, your officer, whether it be created or original can not keep the stats or abilities you have gained and if you want to keep previous weapons and horses you have to buy them with 'clear points'. There is no story mode in empires, at least nothing worth throwing a party over, you will have to use your imagination. Empire mode itself, to me, is rather shallow compared to dynasty warriors 5 empires. The card system is different and not in a good way, at least not for me. You eventually gain more card options as your kingdom expands instead of having a wide range to choose from at the beginning like empires 5. Not exactly a bad thing but it just depends what you like. Conquering on empires 6 is long and can be boring as you have to conquer all twenty four regions of china one by one and that means going through a load of fun but repetitive carnage and dull maps twenty four times plus the battles you have to face defending your own territory. Also you can not choose what officers you have when you start empires mode as a ruler and officers come at you randomly. If you don't feel like conquering china then there is some pretty cool extra's in empires mode such as becoming an officer under another ruler and getting promoted to higher ranks as he conquers the land with your aid. There is also a mercenary option that you can access (unavailable if you are conquering) which brings up a decently sized list of side missions you can do which can be a nice distraction from the whole conquer the world theme but overall its the same and it holds little reward compared to conquering. Empires mode is a little disappointing in my opinion but has some addictiveness and fun. There is an archive mode that allows you to purchase outfits for your main characters, wallpapers, voices, it lets you view galleries for your ending and even edit them like 5 empires etc but its not very attractive. As always there is an encyclopaedia if you are interested in the history of china but the most distinguishing feature of 6 to me would have to be the edit mode allowing you to create up to one hundred edit officers! There are also many edit options available and I would suggest downloading the extra costumes of the play station store (for free) and you can unlock more as you play through empires mode. For me the edit mode is a welcome feature and is one of the reasons why empires 6 is addictive to me but does not have the legs to carry the game out of the hole it has dug itself in by taking away some of the better features that 5 empires had such as free mode. Its the little things that count after all.

Game play:
What can I say other than repetitive, hell even im starting to feel repetitive just by typing the damn word but really that's what the game play is, repetitive. just keep bashing the square button and kill everything which for some reason I find addictive and somewhat fun but that's just me. Not much more variety in attacks and it can get very sour after pressing the square button for the thousandth time. Different characters have different attacks but they all feel the same to me after a while. A lot of weapons have certain ranges of attack, the bigger the range the easier it is to hit loads of enemies at the same time. It is very frustrating when using a short ranged weapon as you can only take out small chunks of enemies at once which makes it more difficult to take bases as the enemies respawn at a set rate. If you cant take them out fast enough then it takes a long time to take over a base. Its the same system of capturing bases until you eventually get to the main camp and killing the enemy commander which can be a pain as the commander has that red aura making him hard to kill. I would appreciate different ways of winning a battle as defeating the commander is the only way. Control of the character is sometimes awkward as you can find yourself lost in a sea of enemies plus the camera angles do not help. A nice addition is that you can climb up steep ridges by continuously jumping up till you reach the top making it slightly easier to navigate the battle field. Fighting may be the same but for some reason (to me) it is addictive and fun.

First of all the loading speed is good and it lets you get straight in to action most of the time. The cut scene at the beginning of the game (which is the only real cut scene I have found so far) is smooth and well presented showing what dynasty warriors empires is all about. The main screen is also easy on the eyes keeping it simple and luring. The empire mode main screen is also simple and there is nothing to complain about. The colours of the battle grounds are dull and boring at most. The best presentation in the game would have to be the characters, especially the edited characters. You will often find that the most colourful thing you will find on the maps is you which I will admit makes you feel....special (cheesy I know). Character movement can be sloppy and makes you feel like a vegetable with a sword surrounded by enemies unless you are using a fast character. As I have said before there is not much story and its pretty much conquer china. Overall a well presented game.

I would never recommend this game to anyone who never liked the previous games but for those who have dynasty warriors 6 and who liked it I would give it a try. For me it is an addictive game, as was all of the dynasty warriors (apart from the 4th series, hated them). I do feel it is a disappointment and lacks many things empires 5 had. If dynasty warriors 6 empires kept a lot of what 5 empires had and still put in all the new features then it would be the best dynasty warriors in my opinion but once again koei has failed in the long run to produce anything with an impact. I have always loved the dynasty warriors games and I still enjoy them and this one is no different. I have enjoyed playing this game but I feel dynasty warriors is out of gas.

So bored.

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