I just want to share the story of how I really started to love Linkin Park because I do love them more than any other band, and my story needs to be told. :D

Well, I was in about fifth grade when I'd heard of them. I was deep into rap/hip-hop back then. The first song I heard of LP was Numb/Encore on the radio! I fell in love. As I was only ten, I wasn't exactly how to go about using the internet to my advantage to get me more of this "Linkin Park," so whenever I was in the car with my dad, I listened with him to the rock station and hoped they would come on. I remember clearly my favorite parts of Numb/Encore being the parts Chester sang. The "What the hell are you waiting for?" and the end when he sings part of Numb. That's one reason Chester is my favorite member, really. I loved him from the start. ^^ I stayed like that, listening to them only on the radio, and staying in my deep rap/hip-hop love for about three years. Then, when we moved to Florida, I was incredibly depressed, and I didn't have much of a life because I'd just moved to a new state, so I was on the internet a lot. I'd decided to really look into Linkin Park after years of being a simple casual listener.

I started listening to them all the time on Youtube. I listened to anything that would come up. Most of the time it was simply what I'd heard on the radio, but I listened to some others that weren't on the radio such as "Hit the Floor" and "Figure.09" I loved all of it, all of them. My parents noticed my growing love for the band, and one day while they were out shopping they came back, Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight in hand. I was ecstatic! I couldn't stop listening for the rest of that summer, even into the school year! Linkin Park had become my favorite musical obsession since Avril Lavigne (I was a very avid Avril listener as a child).

They, Three Days Grace, Benjamin, and Seether got me through the hell that was 8th grade. Looking back, it wasn't too horrible, but at the time it was. My obsession with Linkin Park was the greatest though. They were the only ones I'd been looking up interviews, live shows, DVDs, and just everything I could get my hands on about them! I searched deep and hard for demos, unreleased tracks (which I did end up finding and loving ^^). It was beautiful because I'd never had that type of love for a band where I'd do just about anything to find out more about them. I joined the LPU in June 07, in the middle of LPU 6 with the horribly unoriginal name "LP_FM_234." When I got my package, I freaked out. I was so incredibly happy. The wristband was awesome, the shirt was (and still is after three years, lol) too big, but I didn't care! I was part of the LPU, and that was all that mattered. I used to be an avid poster on the LPU forums, but lately I've been slacking. I've renewed every year since then, and each time I never fail to have one of the best days ever when the package arrives in the mail. :D

Ever since, they've been my favorite band. I love them, everything about them. I love their music, how they portray themselves on camera, their live performances, their smiles, their laughs, their voices, their art skills, their playing (music) skills, their seemingly overpowering love for the fans, and more I can't even name.

I don't see any other band ever replacing Linkin Park in my heart, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I love them dearly and don't want them to be replaced. Ever.

LP forever. ♥

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Comment by Jan on February 16, 2010 at 1:42pm
thats a cool story :)
nice to hear that there are more freaky LP fans :P


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