I'll be gone

Feel like I'm getting tired again ohhhh
Your attitude is pushing me away dear
I'm here by your side but you'll never get the best of me
I'm here, still don't wanna see you cry but it's going down
And the girl standing here will be gone if you don't change
So I wanna let you know...

One day you'll wake up and you won't see me there
You'll open your eyes only to see the worst part of me
And it'll be too late to fix it so you're gonna cry again
But this time not like other times , you won't see me smiling
I won't be there to wipe your eyes ,neither to hold your hands
Cz I'll be gooonnne .I'll be gooonnne
I'll be gone

Wanna make a difference but I'm afraid you won't let
Though I push myself through it but still don't find it
I don't find the reason to fight for us dear
And I know that you want it , and you do really love me
But you're not doing it right cz I feel like you're taking it for granted
You are losing it and you don't know, that's I wanna let you know


I wanna see us change so I won't have to go
But when you push too far , you do let me down
Wanna be with someone who'll let me to be who Iam
But you're the kind who wants me to be perfect and I'm afraid I'm not
And it's true I'm not fighting for us but still don't feel like we should fade away
And I tell you this so you know what's happening here cz dear

I'll be gone x5

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