My Novel - "Bleed it Out" - (tell me what you think)

Vampires... You thought myth? You thought old urban legends? Stories to scare children? I am a vampire. The outbreak is no fiction. The infection has broken out all over the world. Base camps have formed by surviving humans in large cities around the world. There is no where to hide. You can run. You will be outrun. You can hide, but you will just be found. There is no escaping the infection. Very few nomadic groups of men attempt to fight they're way to the locked down camps. I'm Blake. Trust me...Don't go out at night. Don't let them find you. Will infection will succeed or fail? Only time will tell...

Chapter 1:

Year: 2764

"Yo man!! JOHN! Wake up sleeping beauty!"

"Hey! Zak! Give the guy his sleep. Ya know how ticked he gets when he don't get his nap time!"

"Both you! Shut it. John get your lazy butt off the ground. We got work to do men!"

"What we for today Jackson? Any new clans treadin' 'round here?"

"JOHN I SAID GET UP!" Don't get on Jackson's nerves.

"I'm up!" John shouted as he stumbled back into the reality of life and out of his own world of his imaginative creation.

"Now that he's finally up," Jackson calmed himself, "we have work too do."

"Hey?! When don't we?" Zak with his usual sarcastic questioning.

"More clans have formed. We're at least 2 days from the next safe camp. There, we're gaining a 6th and 7th member," Jackson informed his troop.

"Yeah man it's 'bout time we get some backup!" Wolfe was pleased.

"They match?!?!" John questioned.

"Yes. They match... well they're ready have good records too. They'll be a good addition. We have two days. We can't waste time. Let's go!" Jackson's orders were followed by the actions of exiting the building they were camped out in over night.

Chapter 2:

One day past and the team hadn't yet come across any issues. Each man carried weapons. Each man had a different weapon that he specialized in using.
Jackson favored his shot gun and he showed great brilliance when he got in a fight. He was an amazing leader.
John worked his magic with automatic mid-ranged guns. Got a turret that needs to be used; John's your gunner.
Zak; he's a real idiot when it comes to following orders. He would just used whatever he could get his hands on. Often that included going and fighting with his fists.
Wolfe; oh when isn't he there for backup? Wolfe is the man you always want to be hooked up with on your mic. Wolfe is a sniper. Unbeatable; never misses his shot. Keeps two snipers with him at all times. He says it saves his reload time and he is completely right.
Ward; well Ward is of amazement. Ward is the navigator. He always knows his way even on the darkest of nights. He masters is silent killing and trickery. Steady pistol shot. He often used his sword or knife.
All armor is light weight. Goggles for enhanced vision and night and team locators. Coordination is the key to fight. No helmets. The armor used has placement areas on the left and right hips and on the left and right shoulders. This leaves space for two larger guns and two hand guns.
These men are the best of the best. These men saved the remaining humans from their becoming infected. These are the men who's blood is of few men. These men are surviving from their immunity to the infection. These men are our only hope...

Chapter 3:

"Okay men," Jackson spoke to his troop, "Dusk is approaching. We have no cover for tonight. We're fighting this one--"

"YEAH BRING IT!!" Zak over excited that he will be getting some action.

"Zak, Watch it. You better follow my orders or your going to get it!"

"Fine you killjoy."

"Okay back to the plan. Here's the deal. Wolfe. You and Ward will take the mountain side trail to the right of the path we will take. I need you watching us and covering us the entire trip. We have four miles to Boston. When we get there, we will meet up with the recruits. Zak and John, You two will come with me. Zak you take my left. John take my right. Okay. Wolfe and Ward, when they start to appear. Radio us in. Let's rock boys!"
Wolfe and Ward followed orders and trekked up the trail with a sky view of the soon to be battle field. Zak and John we're behind Jackson to the right and left of him.

"Jackson," Wolfe's rough voice could be heard whispered over the earpiece mic, "two clans coming your way. Eyes open."

"You heard him boys. Eyes open and put the night vision on." Jackson's almost inaudible voice filled their hearing.

Suddenly, out of the silent darkness, a loud sniper shot hit the sky. The vamparic body of scout dropped in front of Jackson.

"Oh and let the battle begin!" Zak was ready for anything, "BRING IT BLOODSUCKERS!"

Zak took down 8 scouts in the next two minutes. Jackson took out 12. John took 7. Wolfe took 17 scouts down and two rabids. Ward dropped behind the clans and dropped 23 with absolute silence of a ninja blending with the night.
Within minutes the clans were finished off. Wolfe slid down the cliff face to Ward. The two were a mile ahead of the rest. The three others sprinted to meet with Ward and Wolfe. Once the five made their way into the city. They were safe for the rest of the night; bloody and successful. They dropped down and blacked out once in the city; instantly brought to the nearest hospital.

Chapter 4:

"Whoa..." one voice seemed in the distance to Jackson as he regained enough strength to wake up.

"Doctor," another voices, "what is wrong? Is there something wrong?!"

"Nothing at all," the doctor answered the nurse, "do you know these men?"

"No, I don't belie--," she paused, "Oh my goodness!! Is that--?!"

"Yes," he couldn't believe it himself, "this is Alpha."

"So that's how--" she stopped short.

"Exactly. That is how they survived..." both the doctor and the nurse we stunned.

The five all began to wake. Each slowly woke up. Two more people, two women, also entered the large hospital lobby; observing the five men on their own beds.

"So," the first of the two spoke, "so you men are Alpha, eh?"

"Yeah," Jackson answered while the others listened, "we're Alpha."

"We're your new recruits," the second lady answered.

"YOU?!" Zak obnoxiously responsed to her stated fact, "YOU TWO?! Jackson?! You CAN'T be serious!? Are you kidding!?"

"What Zak?" the first spoke again, "Afraid we're better than you? Jackson, I'm Alison. This here is Ashley. Deal with Zak."

"JACKSON ARE YOU----" Zak attempted to speak but was shut down.

"Zak, Your going to shut up and deal with it. They're just like us. They're immunity blooded and they are the best of the best... just like us."

Chapter 5:

My name is Blake. The word of Alpha had spread. They are more powerful than any other force team out there. I'm a Vampyre; I'm a invincible race of the vamparic beings. I can control flames and darkness. I'm better than a Berzerk, a vampire scout, a Rabid, a high vamp, or a pure vampire. I'm powerful. I don't want to spread the infection. I want to be part of Alpha. When I find them; that is my goal...

Chapter 6:

"Ali, Ash," Jackson began, "Your life is now a war. We are the war. Whatever you have seen in the past, is nothing compared to your future. What are your weapon specializations?"

"Close-combat," Ali responded, "similar to Ward's type of dirty work. Also, I'm a hacker.

"I'll use anything you hand me," Ash answered Jackson's question, "I'll cover you when you need it."

"Good. What time is it?" Jackson asked while looking towards the old hospital clock on the lobby as he and the rest of Alpha left the building, "16.47? Okay, let's get going. Suit up team; I want you all ready. We leave at 18.00!"

Jackson lead Alpha towards the exit of the city of Boston. They passed the weapons dealer next to the gated, locked, and sealed exit. They took enough to fully reload each gun. They were ready.


"EVERY ONE KEEP GUARD FOR YOURSELVES! ALPHA WILL EXIT THE CITY SHORTLY. LET US WIN THIS FIGHT!" A dark voice roared at the two clans waiting a mile from the city.
The dark being was the leader of these two clans. Clans often join to make an easier kill. Alpha was way out of their power. The clans were not fully aware of this power. I hacked their frequency. My radio transmitter picked up plans on travel. I will confront them after the battle. I have destroyed my radio transmitter so the clan leader won't find a way to use it. I will convince Alpha; this will be hard; I will succeed.

Chapter 7:

"Alpha," Jackson spoke to his troop at the exit of Boston. At their scheduled time; they were ready to depart, "these clans won't be as difficult as the last two we defeated; we now have backup. We're going through another mountain pass. You know the plan; Ash, Zak, cover close combat. Ward, Ali, take recon. Wolfe recon on the high grounds. John and me will take lead; assult rifle out. Let's rock. Night vision sensors on."

Alpha began through the mountain pass. Out of nowhere, an ear shattering screech broke out through the air. Chill overcame all of the troop. In a flash of darkness, they were surrounded. Jackson, Zak, Ash, and John were standing in a circle, facing away from the middle, with guns and swords at the ready. Wolfe watched from his perch on the cliff; hidden. They were surrounded by the clan in a larger frienzied circle around them. They attacked towards the team.
Ward and Ali joined the fight silently assassinating the outer rim of hostiles. Wolfe joined in on the fun. Hitting them out one by one with his sniper.
I, myself, watched the battle from a reasonable distance.

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