The Requiem

While you are listening this calm melancholy music with its thin woman's voice (which happens to be the voice of Shinoda undertaken). It's like a thread which is going to be torn in any moment. But at the same time you understand there is a faint hope, that this thread is strong enough.

The Radiance

All the track there is one and the same tune, but it isn't increasing time from time. When you are listening to this music, there is an impression like some nuclear power station has just been blown up and you are at very centre of an explosion at the moment when the radiation is covering everything and everyone with its death rays. And nobody is trying to get out of it, because it is hopeless. And at the end of this track you hear the heart beat, which is the symbol of desperate, fright and terror of everyone from here.

Burning In The Skies

The beginning of this single is the continuation of the selon track "The Radiance", which ended up with the heart beat. The song is fantastic, charming music, fascinating singing of Chester as well as Mike. It creates the feeling of flight. You feel like flying in the skies and your heart is going to break of all the feelings you are having. Chester's voice touches so much that you want to cry.
But the main purpose of this song isn't to overhelm your hearing, it has get deep, sense, which the whole album is full of. Such metaphors as "the blood of the innocent, burning in the skies" makes you feel guilty for something wrong you have done. The person really realizes his blame and understands that he must pay for it.
"I'm swimming in the smoke/Of bridges I have burned" - that's why we don't feel distinct limits of a space we are in. We feel like being in a fog and we don't know where we are, what's happening to us. We don't know where we are going and where we are going to arrive at but we fully realize, that the reason of it is nobody, but we ourselves.

Empty Spaces

In spite of being very short (only 20 seconds) it tells of many things. The beginning of it is the ending of the previous one. The image we have is calm nature, breezing wind in high grass, the sound of cricket, which you often hear at night, when the city is falling asleep and you are trying to catch the sounds outside your consciousness. And being so calm on, the edge of your dream, suddenly you hear the noise of an approaching. You understand that something is wrong, because of the noise of the crowds, explosions and you feel threat in the atmosphere. And this feeling is increasing throughout the track. While listening to this short track you realize how much the man influences the surrounding world, how heartless we are, destroying everything that have been created before us. The people, who are directed by the wish of power, revenge, destroy everything they see on their way. We reach ever castaways, where there was no sign of a threat, where everything happened in its turn and everything was in its place, but the man, not understanding what he's doing, ruins everything he won't manage to reconstruct.

When They Come For Me

The base of it is drums, the rythm of which is increasing gradually, creating the feeling of the threat and nervousness Shinoda's rap, the absence of chorus gives this track a sense of constant and neverending pressure. You feel being at the place of a person, the track is about, you're waiting for someone to come for you any time. And the rising rythm of drumming seems to warn you about those, who are coming for you (maybe it is the same crourd in "Empty Spaces"). We feel the same as singing Mike. He knows for sure what is going to happen and maybe his eastern tune instead of the chorus in the symbol of his crying soul. You want to cry, because you are helpless in front of this future, but at the same time you understand that you should be strong enough not to show your real feelings. But even such a desperate person can have a hope for a happy ending. We can hear this when in the middle of the track there appears thin voice of Chester with an increasing musical support. The words "When they come for me", performed by Bennington makes you feel calm for a while. And again a growing drumming warns you, that even though you could relax for some time, you heed to remember that threatening reality is around and you'll have to be back to it.


A very nice song (my common impression of the whole album), performed by Chester. His voice, supported by the choir, makes an impression of lightness and flight. I don't know English well enough to understand all the words in detail, but I quite realize what the band wanted to well us (at least I hope so).
Every person on our planet has thought about the reason of his existence and about his or her purpose on this planet and inevitably has come to conclusion that his/her life is running according to some plan (created by someone beforehand) and he or she just fulfils the task (like a robot). Rest, work, home, rest, work, home and that is neverending or at least until this end really comes. But I think there are no people who have never wanted to change the plan of their life. And many of them ask God to help. Some simply ask the skies for the help. I think this is the essence of the song "Robot-Boy". This is a kind of a person's pray to the skies for help and the depth of Chester's voice creates an atmosphere of God's majesty, gives you hope for a happy future, which we are patiently waiting for. But a quiet scream of Chester, almost at the end of the track at the back grounds gives us a hint that this patience is not unlimited, as it seems to be and the person can't help crying being helpless.

Jornada Del Muerto

This track is fabulous. Everyone needs to listen to it, because it makes you think, about the fact that a human even though he is the most intelligent creature on the Earth, makes senseless things. These things threaten every life, every creature on this planet, everything created long before us. And only a human has such a powerful brain, but at the same time has a desire for fame, revenge and destruction. A lot of scientists have wished to create the most powerful weapon, and many did it, but what for? Why create something that brings death to everything? The name of the track is related to the name of the town, where the unclear bomb was vested for the first time by Oppenheimer, the famous physicist. When he was asked what he felt during the explosion he looked sadly and answered "I'm becoming a Death, the Shaken of the Worlds". Everyone felt fear during this powerful explosion and Oppenheimer himself was standing near one of the columns in the room of the headquarters. And can't you feel thrill and fear listening to this track. Recorded heart-beating seems to coincide with yours and something is inevitably coming. Something that everybody is terrified of and waiting for at the same time. Everybody is going to run away seeking for a rescue, but in vain. The climax is nearer with every minute and it's not like a typical explosion! It looks like a white ball in dusty clouds and smoke. Yes, it's not an explosion, it's a flash of light, which is slowly spreading, around covering everything. Yes, that is the climax, and then silence. Every sound of nature has disappeared with this flash and they will never be back. This place will always be as quite as death, and it is death of everything, that once existed here. And it was just a minute ago. A couple of moments have destroyed this place on the Earth, the place that once had life and history, but nobody is going to learn it anymore.

Waiting For The End

I guess, now it's one of my favorite tracks. Shinoda's rap, Chester's vocal, memorable tune and the chorus. During all the song we hear one and the same high note, which seems to count down the seconds up to the end, which we are waiting for. This music will impress everybody. This is one of the songs, that is able to help you to get over your depression, which follows us all our life, when we are waiting for something bad, when you need someone's support. This song is like a lifejacket in your ocean of problems, the ray of sunshine in the gloomy day. I really can't describe it. Maybe, it's too general, perhaps someone could think I'm crazy, but that's the way I feel it. This is just a small part of all the emotions I experience now, but I'm not unfortunately, so eloquative to speak about it.


I was really surprised when I learned, that I was going to listen to Chester's rap in "Blackout". I'm not a rap fan, but still I like Shinoda's performing it, but, that's all I didn't wait a usual rap from Bennington. Judging by his abileds, I was right. Chester, whose characteristic is some screaming in his voice, has discovered another side for us. And I'm really glad that he managed to perform rap unlike Mike and even in this type he has his own style. But the main thing in the track for me is Chester's scream. The word "No" is just a hit. You can't forget it. Everything is upside down inside you, you can feel the pain and the fear of what is happening. Neverending horror of the fact that it can continue forever, expressed in the powerful of Bennington. It makes you realize that it can't go on this way any more and once you will have to do it the way he would like it to be, but not to follow the wishes and orders of others. And he is determinate. He knew long ago, that he had been used by others, but he had put up with it. But now he is fed up. It's time for his emotions to be shown. But if there will be no good? If all these efforts will be in vain? This doubt, or even fear that everything can go wrong you can hear in Chester's voice, but it is just a hint, because his determination is much stronger. As I've already said I was really delighted by Chester's scream, but what I'm admiring most of all is his ambition to improve something that is already perfect. He is already well known musician famous all over the world for his fantastic vocal, he still is not satisfied with present and is constantly on more, trying to improve everything and he's succeeding in it. And what about Mike? Rappers seems to keep their style for all the time, but Shinoda is not a typical rappers, he is trying to become better and he manages it. Of course, his vocal couldn't be compared to Bennington's but it's still very pleasant but back the track. In the middle you can here chorus again the time worked out by Great Mister Hahn, who has fully discovered himself in this album. This music seems to try to wake you up, slumming on the cheeks, makes you realize something and you can't be senseless. Like being ordered by someone, you are listening to this song quietly singing along with Chester. And at this point track suddenly changes. Now you hear calm voice Mike, which is trying to calm us down after this stress fear and anger about yourself. His voice is slowly changing into Chester's voice. This trick is used in many tracks of the album, but not many people can feel it. This sound is just unbelievable. And now you are made to relax and calm down, because listening this song up to the end you can't resist it and remain stressed, you can't help listening to this relaxing voice and feel like flying in the sky.

Wretches And Kings

The song begins with the famous speech of Mario Savio. And from the very beginning it has a revolutionary character, which the whole track, by the way, one of the best in album, has. We hear distinct sound of guitar and Mike's rap and then chorus with Chester's scream, which hits your ears and minds. In this track you can see the problems not of one person, and even not of the group, but of the whole nation, which lives under the supervision of the "masters" of the life, rich and powerful thieves. And the authorities, who must care about their people, in reality support these thieves, because are connected and related to them. Sarcastic words by Shinoda "Get down and obey every word" underlines that everyone has to obey the government, although it is clear that he is being used and we, like puppets is master's hands do everything we are told to. "Wanna take what I got, don't be absurd" - is an authorities grin but at the same time there is a hidden threat "Don't fight the power, nobody gets hurt". Self assurance of the rulers causes the people's rebel against this power of armament and machines. People, heated up by Shinoda is words "Got everything, outta control..." are determined to fight. The chorus, performed by Chester in the best traditions of his vocal reflects the determination and courage of this decision. People warn, that they are beasts and "kings and wretches" must be afraid of them, because they are coming! And you see this bloody fights, this spreading everywhere fire, explosions, corps of dead, wonted and still going forwards. But if you are not brave enough you can surrender and continue obeying the orders of "life masters". But there are more people, who want justice. Their eyes are sparkling with the light of hope that in this machine age they could win over these mechanisms and show to their owners that people are free and they shouldn't depend on iron dolls.

Wisdom, Justice And Love

This is a very deep and gloomy track. A rather quiet tune with the words of Martin Luther King that the war is not just a way to solve some disagreement. It carries death, hateress not giving anything instead. It is just a kind of business of destroying everything which has nothing in common with wisdom, justice and love, because many people simply loose their human qualities and those who are in charge and supposed to be wise and fair, have never had ones. By the end of the track we hear almost fully robotized voice of Martin Luther King, which seems to go far and far away, somewhere in space. I think, the band wanted to show that all human values are going far away from us, like these words. There have been lots of wars, and nobody can tell for sure how many more mankind will experience. We live in constant fear of bloody battles of international scale, because we don't trust our governments, who don't know about "wisdom, justice and love"...


A quite song about loneliness and desperate. Music reminds you, that, although, you have survived lots in your life, survived your hope and belief, you feel now disappointed and miserable. You feel lonely, like falling in the dark with no one to catch you.
Here the main topic is victims of wars, disasters and terroristic outs (impersonolization of light flashes, which blinded the angels, like exploded stars). And those who manged to survive are lost, as if they get to another world, because they have watched their own world in other way. And there is nobody to support them, because many of people they loved had passed away and now these people have to put up with these losses and be ready for roaming and loneliness, all of which combined is almost the same as death.
But we are called not to be concentrated on the past. Remember all our disappointments and forgive yourself all the sins, you have made. And the choir in the end like angels are singing makes us to see that it is possible. You feel relieved, as if your soul has just been cleared, you feel freedom and the main thing is that you are not alone.
The song is called "Iridescent", that means related to rainbow. I think that LP wanted to remind us, that the same as rainbow after rain with all its different colours contrasting to mud, you can hope for happiness after all you troubles.


It's naturally difficult to understand this track, listening it separatly from the whole album. In spite of being rather short and it repeats the words of the song "Burning In The Skies", I think the effect of album wouldn't be the same.
While you are listening to the song there is feeling that there are planes flying over you and they are constantly bombing, destroying everything around you. And you are staying in the middle of this and watching it. But you can't hear people screaming, just the noise of engine and your thoughts. It's like a rain, that hasn't been predicted. And at this moment you understand, that we are guilty for all these. We are destroying our only home, our planet, we are killing humans without regret, we are not thinking about the harm, we are going. So, do we really deserve this life of the Earth, which has been damaged by its children. I think the answer is clear. And in the lines of this song those, who haven't realized this yet, can hear everything they are terrified of, but at the same time they are going to.

The Catalyst

The first time I have heard this song (and it was the first song from this album I heard). I thought that many people should like it, because nowdays almost everybody listens to dance club music and this song makes you dance. Fantastic tune, unusual organizing of lyrics. But the essence of this song you could understand only after listening the whole album, thought over every track of it. "The Catalyst" is a kind of a summary of all the previous tracks. All of them have led us to this moment. They have told us about disasters, the inside fight, the fight around us, making us understand how strong the human being is and how deep is his influence on the environment, how cruel we are to ourselves and to other people and how deep is ambition to improve the world. Picturing desperate people, lonely and lost, asking for support from the skies, tired of fighting against everything and everybody and constantly living under the yolk of armament, fearing of the future and desperate of the present. People who can't cope with what is happening around. That's why they are not trying to change anything. This song suggests that a human, like a Catalyst is making the end of everything closer and closer. Some, trying to learn something forbidden come nearer their target, but don't realize it. Others do not accelerate the process of destroying but at the same time do not try to stop it. And towards the end of the album, a person realize that he is to be blamed and that makes him think he doesn't deserve life. At this point he is seeking support from the.
And the same words again, the words pleading to protect and forgive for everything, the words giving a slight hope for the happy end, or not the end but continuation. And you're beginning to wait for some thing. The same words are sung with more and more sense, with the desperate scream, until you reach the state of thinking that it is too late to mend what we have already done. The end is coming nearer. Everything mixed. Everything is in panic. People are running nowhere. Everything is upside down. Oceans are full of blood. Like minds in your head everywhere the transmissions are echoing. You close your eyes and try to calm down. And even now you have something in your mind, which you always have when you feel bad. And your thoughts close the light around you.

The Messenger

This song is a perfect ending for this album. Original wonderful vocal of Chester, sung with the acoustic guitar. This song is made up in style with is absolutely different from usual LP style, but it's very good. This song could be used at the end of some good film, which has a deep sense and very good ending, because "The Messenger" brings you very happy feeling. This is a kind of summary of all the previous information. The group isn't trying to make us fight against the power, rise against lie and quietly wait for an inevitable end. They just remind us to remember about love. Love is the essence of all human being. And it's not only love between man and woman not only love for family and friends, for everything around you. If your life prepares some challenges for you, it's love that helps you cope with them. When you feel lonely and tired, remember those who love you and you will hear angel's voices which direct you home, to those people, who will never leave you because of love. And maybe it is the only reason why we still are alive and the Earth still exists, in spite all the damage we've done to it. Maybe somewhere deep inside use there still is love and hope. And until we have theme, we will survive and the skies will answer us.

By Nastya_Kolesnikova

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Comment by Lew on November 23, 2010 at 1:08pm
Great job! Cool)))
Comment by Chester GTX 澍 on November 13, 2010 at 7:54pm
Comment by Verse Realm on November 5, 2010 at 8:53am
It's so cooool!!!!!
Comment by Nastya Kolesnikova on November 5, 2010 at 8:28am
Спасибо!!!Ну мне помогала дорабатывать моя учительница по англ,прост не во всех местах знала,как лучше))
Comment by Verse Realm on November 5, 2010 at 8:25am
Настя, это зашибительно!!! Ты сама писала на английском или не без помощи Google?
Comment by Nègre Isabelle on November 4, 2010 at 3:31am
I think a lot of people think like you. for the clip of "the catalyst " that I made for the contest on dailymotion, I try to say the same things. and LP are realy right to try to make us understand through their album.
Comment by Kimberly Andresen on November 2, 2010 at 11:35pm
Who ever wrote this leaves me completely speechless,
I have nothing to add, take anyway, nothing.
This is entirely everything instinct, thought, image and opinion that I have felt, thought and expressed while listening to this life-altering and saving album. I really owe it to LP for they're unsurpassed, never ending emotions and messages melted and burned into each of they're creations.
Please, never stop doing what you guys are doing...
You either, 30 Seconds To Mars. (other bands too... *Rise Against, Incubus*, etc.)
Keep rocking and kicking a** boyz.
You ALWAYS do a fantastic job, any day.

All my love and support. Always.

Comment by Artyom Rapet on October 29, 2010 at 7:17am
waiting for the end- the BEST of albom!
Comment by Parinyaphon Lerdprachakwong on October 29, 2010 at 6:52am
LP is my life..^o^
I love LP so much.
Comment by BenniLize on October 29, 2010 at 4:11am
This awesome!
I love your review, I read it even in Russian, when you just put it ...
simply elegant


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