Title: Disaster

Artist: Symphatica
Song writer: Puto john simon mendoza

Burn them all
There's no escape from this rage that i feel
Light this fire and walked away..
fight for our eternal quest

through our preys
for all victims
buildings fell, nature's destruction!
all are gone, bloodshed arise!
ending of life!
soul arise

Tears, fear, & emptiness!
the punishment
on Earth is eternal
all people watched the destruction
many buildings
were completely demolished
by Earthquake shit disaster

Corpse are entombed & drowned
hundred's of people all died
they are victims of calamity
disaster decrease our population
cars, buildings, houses,
trees, animals, and people,
family, friends, & others
living or non living things
all are gone..
judgement is in here

down fall of life
this is ending of life

(Chile disaster is my inspiration.. to create this my own composition)

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