I guess I should share my Linkin Park "story", or whatever you call it.

It all started in seventh grade when I got my cousin's ipod with all her music still on it; it had LP on there, though the only song on there was 'Numb'. I would listen to it over and over and even dance to it. Eventually, I added other songs onto the ipod (just the songs that the general public knew of, like What I've Done, Breaking the Habit, Faint, Shadow of the Day, and Leave out All the Rest). I was majorly depressed in seventh grade, so I would listen to LP and other music, and they helped until life got better. 

I kind of forgot about LP for a while. I would listen to them occasionally, and if someone asked me if I listened to them, I would reply "oh yeah them, they're pretty cool." When New Divide came out, I would, again, listen to it a million times and sing my heart out to it. But then I forgot about them again.

When A Thousand Suns came out, my brother, who also likes them (but isn't as big of a fan as I am), said he listened to it and it sucked (except for Catalyst and Iridescent) because it was different; I (now regrettably) believed him. That was a little after ATS came out.

When I really started listening to music, which was summer last year, I was making a playlist on a playlist website, and added some LP songs and, again, occasionally listen to them.

It wasn't until October of last year that I decided to see if my brother was right about ATS by listening to Waiting for the End. And at that time, I was pretty depressed again. 

...Brother was wrong. Severely wrong. The lyrics described my life and situation at the time.

That's when I started really started to listen to the practically all of their songs. Before, I would just listen to the music, not the lyrics. When I listened to the music and lyrics, I fell in love....with LP.

 Linkin Park means so much to me now. I wouldn't be as happy as I am today, and have learned many life lessons, if it wasn't for them. I hope to thank them one day.

...time for bed now.

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