Being one of the newest people who have been a total hardcore, addicted fan of Linkin Park, I have so many things to catch up to. There's so many things I should know and I want to know. There is an insatiable thirst inside of me that longs for information, anything about Linkin Park and their journey to the top. It's kinda frustrating, though. I'm frustrated with myself. Why haven't I seen, heard and loved Linkin Park when I was still in grade school? I would have known much of them if I'd knew them in 2000. I would have seen Mike with his red, spiked hair. I would have seen Phoenix not shaved. I would have seen Brad without the big bushy hair. I would have seen Mr. Hahn and Rob short-haired. I would have seen Chester a bit younger, seen everybody else younger. I could see them younger in videos in youtube and in their music video but it's different. It's not in the same time anymore.

Now, everyday, I search for videos and information that will help me broaden my knowledge of Linkin Park. I was like watching videos in youtube posted about 2 years to 7 years ago. I watched the makings of their music videos, funny clips and backstage moments, interviews, LPTV's and live performances and concerts. I read articles about how LP started, how they topped the charts, their hard-work, how they divide the work in every member in the band, anything, basically ANYTHING that would help me complete the jigsaw!

Then, knowing those backgrounds of LP, my aspiration grow stronger and stronger by the day, I am loving them more and more. Their songs, their music made me love them but their personality, their behavior, how the behave off-cam, how quirky and funny they are, knowing who they really are off-set and off-cam, that made me love them even more.

I TOTALLY LOVE LINKIN PARK. I would make up all the things I missed in the PAST, support whatever they have and been doing in the PRESENT, will still be a part and continue supporting them in the FUTURE and will still be one of LINKIN PARK's loyal hardcore aspiring fan to ETERNITY!!!

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