I would like to share one of my top dreams that had been carried on since the year 2000.

I've been a huge fan of LP for 10 years since I've heard and bought the Hybrid Theory album shortly after its release. Throughout the past years I've listened to every album and memorized the songs by heart. During my junior High, and High school years I've even did some sketches of fanart related to LP. One of my top favorites is my very first portrait of Chester screaming into the mic, and i still have it in good condition in my portfolio.

I've grown up in a mining town in Northern Manitoba. I've been keeping an eye on concert dates on the internet whenever Linkin Park goes to either Winnipeg, Manitoba or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (in Canada) and these were the only cities I can go to within the area I live at.

One of my dreams is to see or meet LP in concert, since its really hard for me to get to Toronto, Ontario or Montreal, Quebec; money and time is really hard to come up with to reach to those cities since I've been a hard working student and now currently working as a Graphic Artist for a magazine.

I would love to meet the band, and make that dream come true.

With love,

-Samantha Rumak-

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Comment by AlliLP on November 16, 2010 at 3:08pm
just like you...im a ten year old fan! and it was my dream to see them in concert i made that dream come true in 2008 in june to be exact...ive seen them 2 weeks ago in madrid for the EMAs but of course i would like to meet them...don't give up! someday will meet them and we will be the happiest grils in the world! ^^

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