...Since my first Linkin Park concert. October 30th 2010. The whole weekend was great.

We were four girls that had been prepared the trip for months. (Since July, actually.) We went to Aarhus, Denmark, with a plane - and with a looong day with plane, buses and train, and walking in Aarhus, we came to Herning the day before. Herning is a really small town, and we slept in a cabin little far out of town...

The day after, we slept alot, took time to dress up, got lost in little Herning, ate breakfast at a kebab house (were all of the people had something LP on).

We went to the concert arena, and had to wait a long time before LP came on stage. We sat pretty far away from the stage :( And I was scared of heights too :P Someone also throw a beer at me....

BUT the concert was worth it all!!!


It was really strange to finally see LP live, after 3 years of Birgitte talking about them. I wasn't a big fan of LP, but I went to the concert because I know how much Birgitte loves them. I had only listened to the two first albums in 3 weeks - "Minutes to Midnight" from April 2007 but not all of the songs - and I hadn't heard much of "A Thousand Suns" either. But I could recognize the songs while they played them.

There was one song that touched me very much. When they played "Shadow of the Day", it reminded me about how lucky I am for having the greatest friends in the whole world, especially after tough times at junior high. After that, "Shadow of the Day" is my ultimate favorite song from LP.

After the trip was over - I had LP fever! I couldn't stop thinking or talking about LP. All i wanted was to listened to Linkin Park - and I wanted to know all about them. That was great for Birgitte - she had been a fan since 2003 and she never had someone to share all the LP stuff with. :)


Now, after 1 year being a fan - I have attended 3 concerts (2 abroad and 1 in Norway) I have attended one Meet & greet (in Norway) and at my new school I have been known as the girl who loves Linkin Park XD (My wall at my room is full of Linkin Park stuff, most of them are pictures from M&G :)


I love Linkin Park <3

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Comment by Ryan Voight on October 31, 2011 at 1:30pm
Great blog :). Ive also been a fan since 2003 like your friend and I remember going to my first LP concert way back in 2004! good times we can never forget.


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