Hey guys, this afternoon I was listening to music on my ipod (Papercut s2)
Then I began to imagine as would a video of Papercut 2.0 and at least in my mind this idea worked. I wrote, and now I decided to post here. Let's clear it will not be written the way that I see in my mind, it will be difficult to grasp, so let's make an effort, I do not know if anyone will get to read it and enjoyed, but .. does not hurt to try. So here we go.

, In a late afternoon of snow, a "girl" walks back toward his house, in the middle of this path, it begins to "paranoid", looking from side to side ...

When it comes to 10 seconds of the song Papercut, this "girl" looking back, half afraid, confused and continues its path. In the 35 seconds of music that gives that little noise is where the "Feels Like," "she" sort of style shakes his head as Harry Potter, "Voldemort is in your mind'', already in the 43 seconds of the song, an image that comes through Mike whispering in his ear - "And everyting watches."
When it comes the part where Mike pulls the word "Skin", it makes a couple of tweaks of "Harry's head."
- Chorus: Chester.
it continues watching.
- Part two.
In the second part, the "girl" is walking with a group of three "boys" on a sidewalk, "she" sees these guys, but in her mind their faces are kind of you know, distorted, kind of like the videoPapercut at the time that there pet plays Rob's face, or even equal to one "body squirming" on video, at last, as she walks a picture of Mike follows behind her, when Mike says - "inside" in the middle the music, it kind of feels an impulse within it.
- Arriving at home.
Arriving home, she enters and closes the door, leaning against the door and it will be lowered to the ground, until she sits. In "The face inside is right beneath your skin," she feels like a "sting" on his arm, will see when it is written - "beneath your skin," the style in which Bellatrix Lestrange brand Hermione's arm in HP7.
In the "The Sun Goes Down," "she" goes to the window and watch the dark cold day.

Now, I do not know how to end the 2:55 onward; s

But finally there're my "brilliant idea", as I said will not come out and see in my mind, but whatever. (:

(Sorry, my bad english)

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