You gave yourself to the “Light” unconditionally

Tracing your path in the stars

Hoping to find your way to the Sun

Unfaltering in your pursuit

Never led astray by the infinite stars that surround you

So faithfully you followed the “Light”...

Did you ever think it would ever betray you?

Your “Light “...

Your Hope....

Your Faith...

Out of fear of being ingulfed in the searing light

You found the halo

You chose what suited your desires best

Yet the Truth is never so easy to grasp is it?

Truth is the one thing that you likely won't believe

The one thing that hurts the most

You can't hope to find that which you refuse to see

Did you ever imagine you would betray yourself?

Drifting in that silent,endless sky

Finding your way in the abyss

You have become Aphelion

Now you see there is no truth in a world born from lies

You couldn't stare into the Sun without going blind

From delusions and self-deception you found your own “truth”, your Parhelion

~K.S.W. 4/25/09

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