Having young kids don't leave you enough time to spend with your partner. So I took the opportunity of LP show - and his birthday - to offer my husband two days in Paris. We were ready, hardly waiting for this trip, when three weeks before the show arrived huge strikes : no more plane, no more public transport, and no more Lady Gaga show ! AARRGHHH !!! We were waiting afraid for a cancellation of LP concert. Hopefully , it never happened and things got better four days before our departure. So, the 25th october we jumped into the plane from Toulouse to Paris and got one step closer to this promising evening.
After a little walk in Paris, we went to Bercy. There were childrens of above ten years, as well as people around fifty years. Most of us were twenty or thirty years old. All very enthusiastics. We found seats and started to wait for the show. My neighbour was a little drunk and after other beers, some landed on the floor, he was definitly drunk and very joyfull ! Lights off - 1st part - Lights off - LINKIN PARK. My first memory - sorry to say it - is Chester 's shoes : electric blue ones. Very nice ! And then the energy that goes from the stage to the crowd. Everybody was up during two hours, singing, jumping and yelling as well as LP. - At this point I apologize :some guy, very next to me, recorded all the show putting his phone very close to my mouth. I' m afraid his recording was spoiled because of my dirty voice ! SORRY - It was 10th anniversary of their first album, so we were lucky to hear "A place for my head" that I didn't know.
I began to listen LP with Meteora album, so I discovered some new-old songs with pleasure. During all the show we've been really impressed by LP performance : they were so good ! We didn't take pictures, neither we shoot the show. We didn't want to see it by a screen. We just wanted to enjoy and create memories. When "Bleed it out" - last song - arrived, I thought I would be sad, but I wasn't. I was just really happy to be here at this precious moment with my husband. Lights off.
The next day, we took our breakfast in a Brasserie and we saw a woman with LP sweetshirt and I thought: "damned, it's done, it' s behind us !". Then we went home and our sons were very impressed: Dad and Mum had seen for real the singers of "Bumblebee song"! So cut !
Thank you guys for this fantastic out of time moment and thank you for reading these words - if it is readable.

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