Performing in an apartheid and illegal state? Really, Linkin Park?

I've been a fan for a very long time--since I first heard "Paper Cut" on a sample CD that was being given away at a clothing store. Back then, Linkin Park was not the famous, influential band that it is now--but I recognized its talent and innovative style right away, and became an instant fan.

Linkin Park has always been a band I could rely on--not only for good music and innovative videos, but for social responsibility and for striving for good and justice for all.

So you can imagine that I was absolutely stunned to find out (only moments ago) that Linkin Park had added Tel Aviv to its list of concert stops for the end of 2010?! Tel Aviv, part of the illegal, apartheid state of "Israel" that just a couple years ago savagely attacked and massacred hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza, even attacking a United Nations outpost? Israel, that on a daily basis, denies Palestinians basic human rights, and terrorizes them, and works to silence human rights advocates who try to shed light on the truth? Israel, that believes the Holy Land belongs solely to people of one ideology and that promotes racist Zionism that goes against the tenets of Judaism?

More and more businesses, colleges, and artists (including Israeli artists) are boycotting Israel for its egregious crimes against humanity. Here is a article about those artists: Orthodox Rabbis in the U.S. protest against Israel heinous crimes.

I hope Linkin Park will decide to do the same. There are many good people in the region, from all faiths and all backgrounds, who fight for justice and who, unfortunately, suffer injustices. Many of them would be denied access to a concert in Tel Aviv just because of who they are. I hope Linkin Park will be sensitive to their work and their plight and will cancel its performance in Tel Aviv. At least consider other venues that promote understanding and human rights, and would provide equal access for all the people in the area to enjoy your concert.

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