Hi! As I have wrote in the last blogs, me and my three best friends were in Denmark October 29th-31st. It was a trip I'm going to remember for the rest of my life! Birgitte was with me the night bef…


As I have wrote in the last blogs, me and my three best friends were in Denmark October 29th-31st. It was a trip I'm going to remember for the rest of my life!

Birgitte was with me the night before we left, and we were so hyper! Haha! :) I couldn't pack my bag before 5 am cause I was so hyper x) (And I hate to pack.)

We left the house at 7 am, and at the train station we met Jannice and Marlene. Off to go:D

We came to the airport at 10, and we flew 12.

It was a nice flight, but I hate the sounds from the motor. It is these sounds that matter how nervous I am.

We arrived Aarhus, Denmark, 1 pm. 2 pm we were in Aarhus city and ate. It took a little while before we desided where we were going to eat, but it was great food in the end ^^ We took a train to Herning after some hours in Aarhus, and it took us 1 hour and 40 minutes, I think. I red a news paper, and SUDDENLY it was a picture of Chester in it xD Of course it was because his role in "Saw".

In Herning we went to the camping with a bus. A little maxi taxi. We found the cottage at last, and it was perfect! 4 girls in a cottage... It was a real mess, but we made it fine! xD

This night we were hyper and tired at the same time. We played a game named "psychologist", it was real fun ;)

At saturday, after a looong day with traveling and a night filled with laughter, we were sleeping very well, and till 11 am. Great! We were fixing us and we went out about 2 pm. I forgot my camera, went back to the cottage, and then we went away the wrong way. hahaha! XD But we found the bus stop ;) It was real luck, cause the bus came right away.

We ate at a kebab house, and looked at the people. Alot of Linkin Park fans. It was really wierd that suddenly ALL people had a LP-t-shirt, a LP-caps or something. :D some places were playing LP and I was very happy!

6 - 7 pm we were finally on our way to MCH Arena! :D We were in a short line, and then we bought a t-shirt and something more. I was going to buy a purple sweater, but they didn't have more of them when I came :( But I bought a purple t-shirt :D (I love purple!) (Actually, I got the purple sweater when Birgitte was in London at LPU Summit;)

We had seats, and we were waiting for LP in 2 hours or something. I didn't care of the band that played before them, cause I was too excited to see LP xD (I'm sorry!)

It was a little scary to sit there, actually, cause I'm scared of heights xD It wasn't because the ground was too far down, but the roof was so far up xD But it was okey:)

Then it was turn for LP to come on stage. It was so amazing! I couldn't believe that I actually saw them, THEM, LINKIN PARK! The band I had heard of for so long, in 3 years, almost without notising it, the band I just suddenly loved, the amazing band!

In the beginning I wasn't aware of who I actually saw. Everytime I'm at a concert or seeing a celebrity Im so excited that I actually seeing them, but this time I wasn't. I don't know why I did that o.O But it became better and better.

They played songs from every album. I'm very glad that I listened to the albums the few weeks before I left Norway, cause at the concert I could recognize all of the songs!

I was crying when they played "Shadow of the day" (I have tears in my eyes now, just because I wrote this)

cause I was thinking of the first time I heard "Minutes to Midnight", in April 2008, and that is so long ago. I was thinking that I have the best friends, and we have experienced so much in that time. I was so greatful to be there with them, and that I have them in my life. <3

One of the best experience in my life was over at 11 pm, and we came to a bus really soon. We were eating from the only one food-thingy that was actually open at that time. Yummi ;) haha. It just came more and more buses from the concerts, and more and more people were there, many drunk people xD

All the buses to our camping was gone, so we had to walk in like 30-45 minutes. It was okey, tho.

We were talking about the concert when we were at the cottage, and we were in bed 1 am, cause we had to get up early the next morning :) The summer time was over that night tho, so we turned the clock 1 hour back, so we had 1 more hour to sleep :D yay!

We were out of the cottage 8.15 am. We came to the bus stop, but it stood that it didn't came the time I was sure it would be. we called for a taxi, but when we hang up, the bus came XD hahaha! The bus from Herning centrum was going 9.15. We came to Grindsted 10.30 and the other bus to Billund wasn't going before 11.40. e hadn't have breakfast yet, so we were looking after a place we could get some food. It was sunday and we thought it wasn't easy to find something, but we did! :D It was a bakery with wonderful food ;) I ate 1 chocolate bun (?), a brownie and with chocolate milk xD hahah. It was sooo good ;D

We took the bus to Billund (the dannish city where they have Lego-land! :D) 3 hours before the flight left. The three hours went fast, and suddenly we were at the plain. It was much better than the flight down, because of the sounds from the motor xD

We were in the tax free at the airport, and then we went home with the train. I was home at 6 pm, I think.

From the moment I came in to my house, I have been in a LP-mood/bubble. I haven't thought of anything, I can't almost not listen to anything other than LP, I have seen so much youtube clips and dvds of LP, I have been more interesting of the LP site and chat, I have followed them at twitter and so on...

Finnally, my friend Birgitte can share all of here LP experiences with someone xD We have just talked about LP these weeks. Birgitte have also been attending LPU Summit ;) I have seen many pictures of it, and I'm so jealous xD She's so lucky :) She won the soccer cup in London too ;D

Next LPU Summit I'm going too, I think ;) hehe..

It was a long text about our trip, I think no one will read the whole text! XD It's okey tho. ;D

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