WOO! My weekend in Dallas was the SHIT!! *dance break* the only two things I didn't enjoy was not being able to check my email, and drunk calling/texting people. Apparently I had called and or texted my friends, asking them about my missing vodka (goose all the way baby) and pizza... but other than that, Dallas was DELICIOUSLY awesome!

SOOOOO, i'm making goals and plans for this year (i wait a month in after new years before doing so lol) and doing this has got me all sorts of excited. I seem to be getting excited over everything lately o_o anyway, my goals for this year are: to save up for my own apartment and school and to drop 20 lbs before my birthday (three months). Easy enough right? Woot!

Now, my plans are: saving up a good amount of cash for the weekend of May 26 (BDAY! WOO!) because I'm taking my two aunts (LeaAnn and Teresa), my cousins (Tina and Courtney) and my besties (Lacey, Angelika and Brianna) to either Austin or San Antonio. I'm leaning towards San Antonio, cause Bri Bri moved there a month ago. I doubt she could travel by herself to Austin and back. SO, we'll take the party to her :-D plus, SA is BEAUTIFUL and amazing! I've been to the River Walk many times before, but I still enjoy it when I see it. We're planning to leave Friday (hopefully in the morning) to SA, rent out two rooms for the weekend and just RELAX. It'll be our girls weekend/party weekend. And it'll be the BEST ever since it'll be my 21st. Oh yeah. That epic.

But it's whateve. I still have quite a bit of time before I have to make any major decisions :-D

apart from that, mom had a FISH DREAM last night. so now she'll all sorts of suspicious of me O_O mom didn't even know i wasn't a virgin until LAST MONTH. and i lost it at a pretty young age (that sucked. but oh well) but anyway, back to the fish dream, she's calling everyone and seeing who might be preggers and what not.

If you don't know about the fish dream, it's a weird, wives tale type of thing. Though it's been workin for our fam so far lol. It's a thing where if a female dreams of fish, then another female in the family is pregnant. i dreamed of fish three times: once when my aunt found out she was pregnant, once with my cousin courtney, and a couple of months ago with my bro's gf (sadly she lost her baby). well, mom had her dream last night, and she is freaking out cause she thinks its me. it's not i swear LOL. my hunch is that it's either Courtney again, or Britney again. It can't be me, or Tina or my aunt. Sooo.....ha!

pffffffffft. i wrote enough for this post. peace!


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^%% New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets Live Stream
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^%% New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets Live Stream


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