Hey guys! I finally finally am part of a BAND!
This weekend, 2 of my friends and I decided to form a band together. We had previously performed LP's "With You" together on a school event in November and thus, decided to officially collaborate ;) We named the band G-Minor since we're all girls below 18. I had suggested that name partly as a tribute to Fort Minor (but the others don't know that yet).
We were missing a guitarist until Monday, when my best friend said she was interested in the band and we recruited her :) So, now here's a small who-does-wat of G-Minor (with fake names:

JanV: Emcee, Rapper, Backing Vocals, Second Pianist (Chords)
MsJang: Keyboard, Backing Vocals
RRG: Lead Vocals
KKool: Guitarist

We have a school concert on Feb 13th and we're planning on performing Faint and Lockjaw (with our own lyrics). If we have time after mastering these songs, we may also do an In The End or Papercut.
Hope we start off well!

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