Since the poor old pancake monster died yes dead indeed *cries* why did he have to die, why? why? why? why couldn't it meeeeeeeeeee.........=*(

*clears throat*
But anywayz lets get back to the story right it all started when the pancake monster had a fearsome and ultimate battle with the cookie monster and theeeeen he died afterwards.

People suffered after the death of the pancake monster crops were dying, water has been turned into murky water and lately people have been turned into chickens and pigs for some reason. Someone had have the courage, strength and wisdom and that would be the one. (gosh the one needs a name maybe later on.) The one has to find someone however but did not have a clue who so he told the fortune teller who needs to look for in order for that person to summon the waffle monster. She told him 'Yes, you need to search for ambiixchan, she's the one who knows how to summon the almighty waffle monster. She lives on top of mount. ragga roar the highest mountain of all (mount. ragga roar is just a made up mountain ok it's not real) in order to do so you must venture through the swamp, island of fire and the lake of doom and then you must set sail to Pagama island where you will see mount. ragga roar but beware dangerous things occur there so it a very dangerous island sooooo the one went through the swamp had a battle with a crocodile and giant toad and stuff like that then he adventures through the island of fire burnt himself a few times fought a dragon lost a arm then it amazingly grew back slayed the dragon ate it because he was really hungry now he's in a boat crossing through lake of doom see's a few zombies and kills them because they want his brains and so on noooooooooow he finally sets sail to Pagama island as he was doing that something was lurking beneath something big no not big but enormous something not known to man then suddenly it burst out of the water like there was no tomorrow it was..................chickish that's it chickish half chicken and half fish and the one was like 'dude, wtf is that ugly thing' then the chickish got pissed because it was just got called an ugly thing it would've gave him gold but now it changed it's mind it doesn't like the one anymore it hates him hates him really bad so bad it would kill him and devour his soul so there was a battle between the one and the chickish so they fought until one of them can not take no more. The one shot a cannon ball into the chickish head and the chickish was like ' Owwwwwwww.........what was that for? can't you see your gonna give me brain damage' and then the chickish died. So the one is now on Pagama island to find out more please tune into MEETING UP WITH AMBIIXCHAN
thank you hoped you liked it=)

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Comment by Nemanja Rajic on February 16, 2010 at 8:21am

it seems like ill have to stay online 24 7 if i dont want to read more looooong stories XD
Comment by ambiixchan on February 16, 2010 at 8:16am
well that's what happens when your not online
Comment by Nemanja Rajic on February 16, 2010 at 7:59am
its toooooooooooooo long seems that you were veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery bored - XD XD -


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