Quotes by Mike Shinoda directed at me.

Mike Shinoda quotes (to me!)

I need somewhere to save these quotes from Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. He gets on the site sometimes to talk to the fans and this his some of the stuff he had replyed back to me. AND YES, IT WAS REALLY HIM... HE HAS PROVED IT MANY TIMES

on a side note: My user name on the Fort Minor board is Posion. And on the old lpmb before it turned red and white I was "Manda" and "Anna" two accounts.

01. No, i'm not a meanie. yes, i will quote you.

02. Yeah yeah. here's how i type: i think too long, then type too fast and misspell words. ha

03. hahahaha--not nice, poison--hahaha

thee drawing thing is a good question, but my connection SUCKS tonight. i think drawing well is all about practice. it helps to have that natural talent at it, too. but i think even if you think you are horrible at it (as many self-bashing artists do) practice will get you to the place you want to be. classes help a lot, and studying artists you like helps as well.

i think it's really important to keep trying new things, too. it's a good idea to try different styles and media (pen, pencil, acrylic paint, oil paint, gouache, pastel, on canvas, on paper, on walls, hahaha)

AND a lot of my friends who are artists and musicians had parents that told them that it was a "waste of time" or "not going to get them anywhere." these people are flat out wrong, so ignore that garbage and do it until you're happy with it.

04. Not pissed off. just have to lay down the law for stupid people who like to make up garbage. i'm actually in a good mood ;)

05. FMM will have excclusive news and download content, meet and greet info, stickers, and all that good stuff. there will be a site with a message board, too. but we'll keep this one here of course. you don't have to pay to be a fan. the FM.Militia is for the people who want to get the new stuff first and think it's a good investment. it's a little bit like our LP fan club, but not exactly.

06. first step would be to get FM on TRL, which is free. see how i work!?

later. have a good day, all

-m shinoda

07. manda is cool too

08. don't feel sorry for me. i just wwant people to hear the album, so i gotta get out there and play it =)

09. your pic of me and cheap is legendary. i especially like the glowing heart around us.

i saw the SOB guys today, and a couple days ago. we went to the holly brook show here in LA...then today we did a photo shoot. we got to play dress up for the camera.

10. Heart under us, whatever.

11. i'm still here. i'm watching you.


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Comment by Maria Daniil on July 26, 2011 at 2:41pm
I really like 11...."I'm still here. I'm watching you." hahaha....


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