Here is my latest song...Its basically Session by LP + lyrics by me. Its completely rap, so all Shinoda fans out there may like it :)

Here are the lyrics:
Session/Me by JanV1310

One morning in the Fall of ’92
The weather was cold and strong winds blew
But oblivious to the chill outside
A young couple’s hearts were full of delight

They were now proud parents of a baby girl
And they promised themselves to take good care of her
Oh, did I tell you? This couple was desi
And the baby was born in New Jersey

So this girl was now American by birth
While her parents from the other side of the earth
She was growing up like an American child
While her parents tried to cultivate her desi side

2 years old, she spoke with an American accent
Which worried her parents to such an extent
That they began considering shifting base
Back to India, which was a place..

Where the kids around her all had similar looks
And racial discrimination wasn’t an issue
So after the kid was outta nursery,
Her parents took her away to their country

Not even 4, she was too small to realize
The huge impact all this would have on her life
She thought & spoke & behaved like an American
So in this country, she was nothing but an alien

Very few ever understood what she said
Her words just bounced right over their heads
Friends were something she rarely sought
‘Cause they all spoke Hindi while she could not

By the time she was 12, she spoke Hindi well
And life was no longer bad as hell
But even after all her efforts to blend
She was from a Foreign Country in the end

Poor girl, she didn’t know what she did wrong
She merely wanted somewhere she belonged
Nobody ever saw her sorrow, her tears
All her cries for help fell on deaf ears

14 years old, one day in school
She heard a song she found really cool
‘In The End’ by ‘Linkin Park’
Sounded like a voice right outta her heart

As days, months and years went by,
She found solace in Linkin Park’s rhymes
She found and idol in Mike Shinoda
‘Cause he rapped to rock like no other

Today, at 17 years of age
The girl is now completely outta her cage
She raps to rhymes, wants to be an MC
In case you didn’t notice, THAT GIRL IS ME!


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