I feel:
To run the steps of pain,
addressing me up at the last step,
No one lived to describe it, nobody does it,
For the latter it is death, and that I choose ...

I feel:
That I'm being closed
because I am a long time around the sun,
I'm walking up the rays above the splendor
But everything is better when I close my eyes
 and I can see him all over the sun's heat ...

I feel:
I've fallen, that my back hurts,
I think yesterday I ran into a well of the moon
I have under my blouse grams of ash,
It seems that little by little my heart is dust and shattered ...

I feel:
Everyone has fallen into the lake
to the Lake of Sorrows, where they already full of tears,
We stifle guilt consciousness suffocates us, we soaked remorse,
... Like a rotting piece of wood consumed as Javon.

I feel:
My strength was like a cigarette,
Lightweight, abused and what was left, exploited,
until you pass the time and ate, ate it
my strength was consumed as a cigarette, but ...
His ashes were in the hallways ... leaving the bad memories,
I exploited that to disappear

I feel that I might forget something venus
look for any fate on earth.
But no more supporting human misery ...
Jupiter is too big for me
Mercury: stranger,
Play with the rings of Saturn,
and entertain me imagined running into the corners of Uranus

But perhaps it would be better with a company ...
But now it's too late,
Before looking for someone felt that the time lost ...
Including what not retained courage ...

I fear at some point all
'm going to tear the universe
all ignored me, I listened.
So Suvi me a pill and I stay out here forever ...

Hopefully one day I visit a relative,
Not everyone,
that family is not of your blood,
but it protects you and your love ...
My friends, who fought so hard for me to continue ...
Forgiveness and for them to lose time
But someday that will come here with me
the world of the impossible is possible
you can walk in the sun,
possible stumbling awkwardly with regard to the moon
where to play with the rings of Saturn,
and will run on Uranus ...

The best colors are what digest,
The best ways are what I see,
my addiction, I want to lead to death, and that I,
under all this ignorance, human misery, I can not stand more ...




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