i haven't slept for the last couple of days, so this morning while the family was out I decided to try and nap. yeah, that didn't work out. my bro called for no reason...he NEVER calls me! my aunt texted me for what seemed like forever. oh and my best bud Lacey called me. i was on the verge of snapping hardcore down her throat about how i just wanted to sleep, but she mentioned food and animals.

Lacey: "Danni! Get up and put on your pants! I'm taking you to look at puppies and I'm buying us donuts!"
Me: "I'm up!"

damn my weakness for sugar and furry little creatures.

we went to wally's (best donut shop. ever.) and ended up getting free donuts because we made the owner smile. after that we hit up the local animal shelter to scope out a potential dog to add on to our pack of dogs. honestly within the first two minutes of me being in there, i was already forming a plan in my mind of how to break out all the dogs and sneak them home. no doggie should live in a cage. bad owners! bad!

oh oh! and we found one that was the BEST dog i've seen i awhile! his name is Pickles (yeah...Pickles) and he's a Corgi/Pit Bull mix. who mixes those two together? lol. he has the small awkward corgi body with a beautiful pit colors and head shape. he was a ferocious ankle attacker...at least ho looked like it. so adorable! i couldn't help but to snuggle him and to kiss on him (he was clean don't freak out) sadly though. lacey's dog, jack, didn't get along with Pickles. jack was freakishly scared/irritated with little Pickles.

*pout face*

darn it all. i wanted the damn puppy! UUUUUUGH! but it's whatever, hopefully Pickles will find a good home. after the puppy adventure, we went in search of good eatin, and went to Shogun, its a Japanese restaurant here in Harker Heights. they serve some GREAT sushi!! YUUUUUUUUUUM. lacey and i left with over stuffed belly's and a wide smile. we ate 6 different types of sushi, miso soup, a large bowl of udon, a mixed plate and some salad.

i must say, miso soup....DELICIOUS. the waitress laughed so hard when she caught me slurping out the juices. she gave me a second bowl free. yes to awesome waitresses!!!

anyway, im stuffed, tired as hell and without a puppy. i'd say it was a grand day today for me.


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