If you could only see Linkin Park play live once, or once more what songs would make your ideal setlist, be sure to limit the number of songs to around 20. Who knows maybe your favorite song will make a comeback!

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Comment by Valentin Agurto Arica on January 6, 2014 at 2:54pm

1-Lost in the echo(2012 ext.outro)


3-The catalyst

4-New divide

5-What i've done

6-With you(ext.intro/scratch outro)

7-Somewhere i belong(2012 ext. intro)

8-Lies greed misery

9-Points of authority

10-Waiting for the end(apaches intro/wall of noise outro)

11-Breaking the habit

12-Leave out all the rest/Shadow of the day/Iridescent(Ballad medley)

13-Castle of glass

14-Burn it down


16-In the end

17-Bleed it out(w/Reading my eyes bridge/ext.outro)

18-One step closer(ext.outro)


19-A place for my head(2012 ext.intro/ext.outro)

20-Given up(ext.outro)


Comment by Oliver Murray on May 23, 2013 at 8:19am

 The Requiem

Wretches & Kings

Don't Stay

Lying From You/Papercut


Given Up

No More Sorrow

From The Inside

Lost In The Echo

When They Come For Me

Waiting For The End ( W/ U.I.B.)



The Radiance

Burning In The Skies/Iridescent (Medley)

Burn It Down

What Ive Done


The Catalyst

In The End

Bleed It Out

A Place For My Head

One Step Closer



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