Tuning: E


Intro: F#   G#    Fm    Em7    C


Dm                                   G7

Looking through the blue skies

C                            Em

Forever looking for the truth

Dm                           G7

Knowing how to say, I miss you


Pre Chorus1:

Fm               G               Am7                          E

But now I know how to make things better


Chorus: 2x

G7                        E                                           

Walking in the darkest corners

Am                        C              

Looking for the Silver Eagle


Fm   G    Am    E


Chorus: 4x



Dm                         G7

I told you that I were there

C                         Em

But you didn't listen

Dm             G7               C                            Em

Now you can't say, what you didn't hear


Pre Chorus2:

Fm             G                 Am7                             E

And now you know how to say you're sorry


Chorus: 2x


Am7    D7    A7    Gm    G    2x



G                F                     G#                              F#

This time I told myself that I'll never trust you.....

                   Em                            G                       F                      G#

But just looking at myself, is worse than looking at you.....

  F#                    C          Em

And I'm forever looking and...    -> Chorus 4x


Outro: C    Em7    G    Fm    Dm   3x

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Comment by Thea Synnøve Robertsen on March 10, 2012 at 11:05am

I have written this song by using my acoustic guitar that I've had for over 4 years now.

It's incredible how much you learn through your life :-)


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