so guys here is my thought and my copy of the message to mike

ok now u can decide for yourself

hey mike i wanna know now the truth i hate that there are some people telling the same on chesters profile ...

so u are the real mike okay , but there are guys they talk about that you said chester and you have NO FACEBOOK, but hey where does the photos came from the private when he has no FB where comes the award photo from when its not the real so many questions pls tell us all the truth here on lp.comits so annoying to hear everyday the same

lovely greets sabrina

so , i hate stress, and i want to know why are u all talking to the profiles when u are not believing them , or why do u add them when u think they are liars ?? can u tell me this ?

so we must believe what we want to believe ....

and when u are a real fan then u are not so pessimistic ....

i need answers from you all

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