Alright Already! So I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to find a way to contact Mike. Yes, I will not stop until I do. You see, my parent met Linkin Park awhile back at one of their concerts, and my Step-Dad is the one who set up their stage, or helped at least. My mom who was their got them all to sign a t-shirt for me back home. I still have it to this day. Mike is my overall favorite person in real life and I know everybody wants to meet him pretty much, but I just wanna talk to him. Anything, I don't care, I just wanna know what he's really like. So if anybody knows how, PLEASE TELL ME! I am about to go insane. (hahahahaha I know obsessive right) I know its unhealthy, but what the Hell else am I suppose to eh?
Either way I guess I am here to blog about my day right?
Well, I get up, didn't want too. Finals for school are coming up and my hair is already thin enough, but I am balding! (Not really but you get my point) Next Monday is the last day of Highschool and I am out on break. Thank-God!
I am not sure if I should talk about the bad things in life so I will anyway. (XD)
So my Aunt passed her piss test, even though she said she was doping drugs. In fact, she gets in the car and says, "Tabby (Tabby= My Mom) I have Magic pee...cause I passed it". I swear sometimes I don't know what to do anymore. Life gets more and more stressful by the moment. Life sucks, but like I always say, "Life has to get worse before it gets better".


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