Special Burning In The Skies Day TOMORROW MARCH 21!

Linkin Park fans! Let’s do a special “Burning in the Skies Day” for the release of the new Linkin Park single on March 21.

On this day you should:

- post about the single release on your blogs and websites

- try to get it trending on Twitter by adding #LPBurningInTheSkies and #LPBITS to your tweets. It’s best to use two different hashtags, in case one of them gets blocked by Twitter! Create one or more fake accounts to get it trending faster. You can manage all your accounts pretty easily with Hootsuite. It’s a cool app, I strongly recommend it!

- post the music video and live videos of BITS on Facebook. Don’t forget to mention the release date :-D


- use the BITS cover art as a profile pic on Facebook and Twitter

- spread the word, so that all LP fans know what’s going on

- EDIT: Request the song at radio stations, music channels etc.! >> This is really important! Only radio and TV reach many different people. Remember, we LP fans already know about the release date! Tt’s the regular person that likes LP but doesn’t necessarily know about all the release dates, that has to be informed.

- talk about it on message boards, if you are a member there already

Do you have any other ideas? Comment here or send me a tweet @adiek84
If you have a Facebook, you can join the event HERE!


EDIT: As BITS day is coming closer, I’ve updated the blog post about it and added some more infos to the event description (click on “see more”). Again, if you have any other ideas what we could do on BITS day, please share it with us! Also important for us Twitterers: We only got Rob’s birthday trending, because we used 2 differend hahstags, so now I’ve added #LPBITS to #LPBurningInTheSkies. Please use both hashtags. Also it could already be enough if you just talk a lot about the single release and mention “Burning in the Skies” a lot during your tweets. It will trend if a lot of people suddenly mention it, so that Twitter registers a strong upwards movement in the mentions of “Burning in the Skies”.

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