I've been here so long might be looking from above,
Crellendo with all my love your reach me,
De I learn to fly with a sigh,
The tears would go in the desert of my soul.
You know I like you, no one ...
You know I love you like I do, no one ...

Please come quickly, hanging light
Put on your clothes looser, and come to sleep here
That much I fear what may not exist, and the authors allow us to accelerate out there ...
If I were your neighbor, and if it was so
Perhaps it would be better not happen, why do not you leave her alone ..
I am eager to share an afternoon with you in your home
You could drink only water,
Defrente need to see,
Save me from what holds me ..
I know that alguein protect ... As you no one
You know most tender person in your life, there's nobody like me ...

Semba colored seeds, which contain ilucion grams,
With the water from your lips
Grow more and more ...
Spring, summer, autumn, winter ... I do not know that I have not spent with you
Each station is a feeling,
And my heart beside you laugh loudly ...

You're as tall as yourself,
Per does not matter at this time
Why can I measure 1.60, 1.70, 1.80m '
But what I feel for you, love makes me measure thousands of feet ...

It is over time, you will fall in love,
I know this is real, you said it yourself.
I feel saver heal all diseases blink of an eye,
I reach the moon with nothing but nails,
I can bring you the star you like,
Both savemos are not all equal.
Like me and you, we are a couple of shiny new-lit,
But there will be thousands of us on our side,
and yet as the two of us together ...
We know that no one ...


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