Still around and My take on the album so far

Hello everyone, just blogging to let all of you know I'm still active on this website since I haven't posted anything in a while (I know I don't seem to have any followers on here, but in case I do here I go). The reason I haven't been on in a while is because my computer won't access the website with the new update for some reason, and right now I have access from an iPad. Anyways, I heard some of the new album (not all of it), as in Lies Greed Misery, Lost in the Echo, and, of course, Burn it Down. All listed sound amazing in my opinion, particularly Lost in the Echo. As for the rest of the album, I'll wait to buy it to hear the other undoubtedly innovative songs. Shoutout to Mike Shinoda himself: my reason for this is because of a very meaningful recent blog post of yours, saying an album is much more powerful and exciting when you wait to buy it and listen with friends/family, with which I agree. So, thanks for reading, and expect another blog post relatively soon for my review of Living Things in its entirety. Lastly, excellent work with the new material Linkin Park, you never fail to produce music that reaffirms my stance of your band being my all time favorite, with instrumental prowess, incredible vocals, and very relatable lyrics. Thank you.

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