I heard that people hate Mondays. Sure, there's usually nothing pleasant associated with the beginning of the week. But I've come to hate Sundays even more. Mostly because everyone is busy, and there's no one to go out with.
Try contacting ten people in one hour and each one of them refuses to go and get wasted with you. Pretty effed up, especially if I said that I'm buying.
Gotta hate Sundays.

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Comment by Danielle on April 25, 2010 at 12:35pm
get it and I am in love with my fiance and it's still not enough - I think it's because my new job sucks so frigging much and the it's like dumbass bitches from highschool all over again and trust me I ran highschool - Sundays should'nt be for this bullshit - we should be out having a fabulous frigging time just like Saturday - here's to you whereever you are - I'm going to have a shot of cold ass vodka and watch the end of Talladega (fun right - well the most fun I can find today) - good luck and find that party woman!


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