6 more days and 12 hours till my best friend Megan and I see our top favorite band that weve dreamt about for almost 10 years!!! (god were getting old XD) like megan said they have inspired her and i over the years. lets just say if i wouldnt have found LP i would not be here at this very moment and has such wonderful experiences. I was so alone when i was a child i had no one. no mother no father and i was hitting rock bottom from depression. And you know when you were a kid and you thought that no one else in the world felt the way you did well thats where i was at. Then i meet Megan! she introduced me to Linkin Park (music in general too) She showed me that i wasnt alone that i had a wonderful friend who understood me and knew exactly how i felt and that there was a band out there dedicated to letting kids know someone cared and felt the way that i did. If it wasnt for Megan and the members and music of Linkin Park I wouldnt be who i am today. Thank You Linkin Park and Megan! You all inspired me to become the artist i am today. I took Graphic Design in high school because of mike and joe. i wants to make amazing artwork like they did and learn what they learned. and Now look at me i can pop out a design in seconds!! Theyve also helped me find my voice. The voice to my soul. For music and to feel myself! I love you guys. Hugs



Taylor Rae Reish

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