Today i am writing this blog due to the fact i just saw a guy kill 6 people while driving drunk. I was crying and freakout all the while! Poor people i feel so sad for them.

So it inspired me to make a picture of my car (camry toyota 86) i use to own that was totaled in a pretty bad car wretch 2010 nov 4th.


I decided to take a different way to get food for my pet spider and knowing it was going to be bizy on the highway i decided to go through down town in state college pennsylvania. Sure poor choice right WRONG there was just a few cars in town! YAY. I was in front of the Penns stater hotel stopped at a red like ironically listening to Tommy Lee's song good times i looked behind me to see a porch about a car and a half length completely stopped behind me. when next thing i know my head almost goes off the steering wheel my ashtray about attacks me something explodes and my legs are smashed under the dash (i was wear my seat belt). Right when all the exploding and smashing stopped all the while me yelling FUCK FUCK FUCK ME FUCK WTF!!! lol (i cuss a lot when im scared or pissed). I get out of my car to see not just me but the porch and van all smashed together. I went to see the damage to my car and i started to cry (my car was my best friend lame i know) (toyota 1986 camry) I was the worst out of the wretch car damage and bodily damage! My knee was swelled four times its size and i had punched my car avoiding punching the drunk asshole who at the time i did not know he was drunk hit us all. There was the white service van, porsh his wife and him, me, some college student who had his friends car to be nice and get it washed for him, then a taxi. lucky everyone was ok except me. I will always have a limp now and not good use of my right hand figured. the cops said that my spare tire was what saved my ass and took most the impact plus i had rubber bumpers on the front and back of my car. the ER doctor took me my leg was a lot better then they thought it would be and that i lucked out. At least from my knee smashing into the dash i got some of the dash inbedded into my knee so i will always have my car with me!!! god i miss that car so much!!!


for more pictures of the wretch and my leg

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