I am a single parent, with baggage. Sometimes I hit lows so deep, I don't see a way out. They are like chasms with sheer slippery faces that I can't escape from.  At times like this, I turn to music. Linkin Park has been one of the bands that drag me kicking and screaming from the depths of despair.

It helps that the last thing I did before losing my job of over two decades was to buy a NAD C355BEE amp, a pair of Monitor Audio Silver floor standers and a Monitor audio silver sub-woofer with built-in 500W amplifier. My only problem regarding listening to your excellent vibes is that the CD player starts bouncing and skipping when I turn the amp up above half-way! Also, the Police are not overly keen to see the lamp-posts bobbing and weaving to the beat of 'Crawling'...the soul must be painfully extracted from officials when they sign up to the job!

I don't know if you realise that your music goes a long way towards preventing people from ending it all, but it does. Beautiful!

I've listened to your music in better times, too. I write sci-fi and having good music in the background while I write is inspiring. Sometimes of course, I just play an album or so before I go out for the night.

Linkin Park...music for all mental states.

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