The city of Rock and Roll, Lisbon and Linkin Park.

We were in May, there was a warm athmosphere around the City of Rock in Lisbon, the people running around with backpacks and crazy sunglasses would leave a trail of dust all over the place. We were undoubtedly at Rock in Rio 2012 at Parque da Bela Vista. We were excited, and we have been waiting for this all our lives (it seemed), and we still had a lot of hours to go.

The Main Stage was firstly invaded by Limp Bizkit, and Fred Durst was really excited to be there (it looked like) and needless is to say that it brought back great memories. It sure did. Songs like "My Generation", "Take a Look Around", "Behind Blue Eyes", "Nookie" or even "Rollin" formed enormous pits and made the crowd go super wild!

Time for a pause. It was so electrifying that at some point I totally forgot who was going to perform next. It was time for The Offspring to hit the stage and for me to call my cousin as 'our' song started to play (it was You're Gonna Go far Kid) so he could have his e-Concert and also sing along a bit with me. 

But, the best was yet to come.

The stage was pretty dark, everybody was screaming, the sun was already gone and all I could think about was 'ok, don't freak out, they're here'. A ray of light let me see Mike for the first time and I was speechless. Speechless and pretty crushed by the crowd that was going crazy. My friend commented, "He totally looks like a freaking ninja doing this" and we chuckled together as the crowd cheered "Linkin Park, Linkin Park, Linkin Park, Linkin Park..." pretty much showing that this day of the festival was absolutely theirs.

With a blast out of nowhere they started to play "A Place For My Head" and I had no idea where the hell I was anymore between jumps and screams and mixed feelings. I lost all the ability to speak and to even think. This was the moment. There was no time to think, it was all about just forget about all of the bullshit and listen to the music. 
This was the moment everybody was waiting for.
It was definetly a 'best off' kinda show, "Given Up", "Faint", "Runaway", "Somewhere I Belong", "Numb", "Lies Greed Misery", "Breaking The Habit", "Leave Out The Rest", "Shadow of the Day", "Iridescent", "The Catalyst", "Burn It Down", "What I've Done", "Crawling" "In The End" (and a few more I'm totally not remembering now) made of Rock in Rio 2012 a memorable night with Linkin Park. The energy was amazing, the way 82 thousand people connected through them, singing the lyrics fiercly and putting their fists in the air every time Rob did a funny PUM PUM (me and Thirteen had a lot of fun with the sounds from the drums, even though sometimes we couldn't hear anything properly because I was full of feelings). This is what makes music exciting C:
The flag near Mr. Hahn's tables said "PORTUGAL LOVES YOU" and it's true, it was shown that night. 

Highlight of the whole night? I don't know. From Chester getting a scarf for one of our soccer major clubs, to the sight of Mike being swallowed by the crowd it's hard to tell.

Hope the guys come back next year! Thank you!

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